Sky News Breakfast: PM continues to face speculation


On Sky News Breakfast with Kay Burley on Thursday January 13:

– the Prime Minister faces continued speculation about his future;
– he weathered the storm of PMQs but was it enough?
– and Prince Andrew could be called to give evidence in the US.

Plus all the day’s headlines and breaking news stories.

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Responses (20)

  1. There is never any Booze at work meetings .

  2. Time for Johnson to shut up & go away .

  3. Con and Serve party-ing!

  4. TQ Kay, keep pressing these liars who expect us to believe this garbage. What an insult to our intelligence.

  5. He is LYING!!!!! He saw no BOOZE???? 100 people!!! Work meeting in the GARDEN with booze? No wonder what kind of rules they impose upon their citizens!

  6. The good news is that the upcoming generation of the young and youngish of Britain will have no interest in the ramblings of the Tory-loving, establishment, newspapers.

  7. Is this for real?????? How on earth can the supreme Burly hypocrite comment on Covid rules????? Sky New UK is a complete joke.

  8. What a hypocrite Kay Burley

  9. England should rise up and rid ourselves of these leeches who do nothing but abuse the power they clearly do not deserve. Abolish the royal family and the conservative party, imprison or hang the guilty and redistribute their wealth to the poor. We are many they are few, why do we allow them to carry on their evil ways with impunity. Time for a revolution comrades, time to take out the trash.

  10. He didn't lie just once. It changed 4 times.
    1) there wasn't a party
    2) okay but, I wasn't there, and she'd been fired
    3) work meeting, in the garden, and playing bingo
    4) the email and the wine? I'm sorry I got caught

  11. It's a shame the investigation doesn't have the same urgency as the imposed lockdowns

  12. How is Kay Burley back? Covid spreader, handing it out to Boris Johnson.

  13. A person who was suspended for months for attending party’s during lockdown talking about somebody else attending party’s during lockdown and she does it without laughing 😂

  14. blah, blah, blah…. spin, squirm, evade, lie, and so on!

  15. His contract is up, his acting performance is up time for the next phase of the New World Order


  17. Nice one from sky hypocrite kay burley has her own party breaking lockdown rules gets suspended from sky for a few month full pay, then went on a holiday too Africa for a month or two while everyone else weren't allowed

  18. Kay broke the rules on her birthday so don’t criticise others why don’t the mp’s pull her up so easy