Sky News Breakfast: PM could face police investigation into lockdown party


On Sky News Breakfast with Kay Burley on Tuesday, January 11:

– the Prime Minister faces calls to explain himself after apparently attending a Downing Street party at the height of the 2020 lockdown;
– will he stay or will he go? Novak Dojkovic practices in private as the visa row rumbles on;
– and taking heart, the dying man saved by a pig transplant.

Plus all the day’s headlines and breaking news stories.

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Responses (37)



  3. So sad seeing him and all the others- Boris Johnson, Rees Mogg et al hiding behind a forthcoming report, which will whitewash the whole affair. When I heard everyone singing the praise of Sue Gray from the same hymn sheet I knew that we are going to get lumbered with a pacifier.

  4. Parties and deadly disease ? It's all a scam

  5. "The rules are for thee not for me."

  6. Sniveling, wriggling, Criminal Tories. Banged to rights! Guilty your honour!

  7. Refund everyone fined for doing what they did. The queen must be gutted

  8. She wıll be ınvestıgatıng her boss!! Very proper,ındeed

  9. She wıll be ınvestıgatıng her boss!! Very proper,ındeed

  10. Well…who was "We"? Who has ths authority to throw a drinks evening at number 10 without PM's knowledge? Does the PM not have any idea what is happening at number 10? Are there any friends of the PM capable of telling the truth or giving a straight answer?

  11. Why do they always lie. It never stops, they have no shame.

  12. Anyone done a “Sue Grey” count.??

  13. Regardless of the issues, I absolutely do not watch Sky because of this presenter.

  14. What about a police investigation into Sky News, BBC, ITV for perpetuating the pandemic scam , by spewing nothing but government/globalist propaganda?

  15. The Met Police would have known about it they would of had to sign people in at the gate 😂😂😂

  16. As a rule breaker who was suspended Kay Burley is not the right person to be talking about this subject

  17. Don't know how she can say this with a straight face , she's all that's wrong with British media

  18. What a career weasel!
    These people are political dinosaurs and their days are numbered.
    There is a change in the air.

  19. We need to know who else was at this party . We also need to know who was invited but didn't attend. Those who attended are guilty of breaking the law . Those who didn't attend knew that a criminal event was going to take place and if the didn't inform the police or didn't try to stop it are also guilty I the eyes of the law.

  20. Ask a politician a question and hear a lie.
    Argar is everything that is wrong with politics.
    Or is that an hypothetical ?

    He answered nothing because he has no spine.

  21. All are lier in the government

  22. shut the fall guy off – this idiot gutless health minister off….

  23. the police are in charge of security at 10 Downing St. Of course they know what went on.

  24. Coward just won't condemn the Prime Minister! Just call him what he is…a liar.

  25. Bird head Boris must resign,he need to go ,invitation of 100 people to number 10 but 40 people turn up at the party including the priminister Boris Johnson, while telling every one must stay home ,he need to resign and go home to drink boos.

  26. Kate Burley looks like He-Mans enemy. What was his name?

  27. What a slimy little piglet Edward Argar is, just answer the damn questions! This is why so many are disillusioned with politics, watching people scared at any hint that they may lose a tiny bit of their 'power', so they dodge morally easy to answer questions! My only apologies are only to any real slimy piglets I may have offended with my first sentence.

  28. All this scenario creates (ha ha ha! ho ho ho!) is a re-affirmation of what turncoat two bob c#nts are – its a very British way of doing things. Hey, keep it.

  29. The Met Police are just as culpable as Pinocchio Johnson – The Met knew and allowed these parties to happen time after time. Members of the Met security checked every guest, their baggage, including booze, and allowed each guest access to Downing-it Street.
    Prosecution MUST be followed by prison sentences for their outrageous and despicable behaviour.

  30. Step down, Johnson.

  31. we hate the tory party n boris

  32. There are some people who got arrested by breaking the Covid rules yet those people who make the rule party like rock stars. That is unfair, and if the police do not fine, or arrest them, the police have no credibility anymore. The order to have a party in No10 Downing Street lands at Boris Johnson’s feet, because he is the PM, he pretends like he didn’t do anything wrong when he stopped the nation not to gather yet they were drinking, and enjoying. I am sure they laughed how they lock us like animals while they partied, and drunk.