Slowing Immigration Worsens Job Market Shortages


The last decade saw one of the slowest rates of growth for any decade in U.S. history. And behind that slow growth was a declining birth rate coupled with slower immigration.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Slowing Immigration Worsens Job Market Shortages


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Responses (46)

  1. Americans do NOT want to live in an overpopulated country bottom-heavy with foreign nationals.

  2. Perception is now a reality. When a place is unwelcoming /difficult to enter or stay, people start looking permanently else where to more welcoming nations

  3. illegal get out!!!

  4. Americans wont pick their own fruit but complain about immigrants.

  5. The trump effect …

  6. Maybe someone should do a story about the number of US citizens that are moving to other countries and investing their savings elsewhere. There are a number of remote American workers who are living outside of the US. If you let right wingers run the show, only the stupid and the super rich will remain. Good luck getting American workers to work for slave wages. Is that the plan of a future US authoritarian government? The message is getting out to the immigrants that it is better to go to Canada or other countries. Immigrants may come to the US for a time but many will return to the countries that they really love sooner or later. Recently, I have met people who have returned to their original countries after living decades in the US. The brain and labor drain will continue if people from the US cannot learn to stop fearing people from other countries. Immigrants are people and need to be treated with respect.

  7. Thanks essential workers
    And all immigrants

  8. Don't we have enough trouble with trump. I feel like leaving.

  9. This is not accurate.

  10. Surely this buffoon isnt talking about those walking over the southern border. Businesses need to pay people a living wage first of all to get Americans to fill jobs and we wouldnt need so many foreigners.

  11. and this can only confirm the great replacement so many people suspect🤭

  12. Who cares..I get a check avery month..!

  13. Criminal wages is the shortage of workers. The median income wages you show is the poverty line for me person. That means one half of the native born workers work for less than poverty in the USA. You want to import people who will work for less without mentioning that you are criminals demanding illegal wages from the residents of the USA.

  14. Why would it be any different

  15. The Happiest Sad Birthday

    Let me tell you a true story that sends an important message to all of us. Halleli, a 4-year-old girl from Jerusalem with special needs, wanted to celebrate her birthday with her friends from kindergarten. Her loving parents arranged for everything: the place, the food and sweets, a clown to entertain the kids, and various fun activities that all the children enjoy doing. All her friends from kindergarten had promised they would come, and Halleli couldn't wait to celebrate with them. But in the end, only one girl showed up. The candy, the clown, and the games just stood there, untouched and unwanted.

    The next day, heartbroken, the girl refused to go to kindergarten. Her parents were beside themselves with sorrow and worry for their child and didn't know how to comfort her. In his distress, Halleli's father posted on social media what had happened, and matters took a sharp turn for the better.

    A man from the neighborhood read the post and was overcome with emotion. "I have kids too," he thought. "What if she were my daughter?" He felt he had to do something to give that girl an experience that would wash away her sadness. He decided to throw her the birthday party of her life.

    He combed the neighborhood and told everyone about Halleli and that he was organizing a birthday party for her and asked everyone to come. A few days later, Halleli had her party. This time, hundreds of children and their parents showed up to make the little girl happy on her special day. Her parents were overjoyed and grateful beyond words to the kind stranger, and as for Halleli, her face beamed brighter than the sun.

    This story doesn't only tell us about human kindness. It is a warning sign. It demonstrates how heartless, perhaps even cruel, we can be if we are not organized and galvanized into positive action. It also proves the immense potential that lies in establishing mutual responsibility in society. When people who don't know each other help each other because this is the value they live by, there is no end to what such a society can achieve.

    The Jewish people became a nation when complete strangers found the words of their teacher, Abraham, compelling enough to implement. His teachings about kindness and mercy as the key to solving society's problems struck a chord in the hearts of his listeners and they joined his group. This is why mutual responsibility and "love your neighbor as yourself" are the tenets of Judaism – social laws that relate not to God but to our fellow person.

    Today, when alienation permeates every corner of human society, we desperately need mutual responsibility and care for others. These are the only qualities, the only values that can keep human society from collapsing altogether. Just as Abraham had found that the remedy to his homeland's social ills were care for others, all of us must now realize that the cure for heartlessness has not changed since ancient times. The only difference is that alienation has now spread throughout the world.

    Humanity must do today what the ancient Hebrews did – unite across divisions and establish love of others where today there is nothing but hatred. Perhaps such moving stories as the one about Halleli's birthday will help us realize that mutual responsibility is not a noble but unrealistic notion, but an imperative step we must take to ensure our survival as a functioning society.

  16. Avg weekly pay 1000. Who's making a grand a week? I've never made that without putting in too much
    Ot at which point not even worth it.

  17. It must get worse before it can get better. People must stop moving to the USA until MAGA Americans realize how important they are. Just ✋.

  18. Bs. Look at the unemployment rate and falling wages

  19. The immigration system is broken

  20. Qualified american skilled labor not wanted. They want illegals to fill the ranks . Free healthcare , withholdings, insurance , retirement all given away
    Hourly wsges cannot support an american family. They do not get multiple checks for food, housing, daycare, free healthcare, free daycare like the illegals do. You are a liar

  21. Slowing Immigration Worsens Job Market Shortages? Shortages of Job Markets?

  22. Cherry picking data to promote immigration what a joke.

  23. Because legal immigrants are given a hard time, in the meantime, illegals keep crossing the border everyday and they get to stay. SMH

  24. Chuck. Did you forget about AGRICULTURE?
    Unless we mobilize the National guard, pack of immigrants this Spring, Summer, and Fall will cause SEVERE SHORTAGES AND PRICE INCREASES.
    Few Americans want to pick berries 8-12 hours a day, EXEMPT FROM MINIMUM WAGE LAWS. I've did it 50+ years ago.

  25. He didn't even mention the million plus illegal immigrants.

  26. That means it working

  27. With build back broke dead in the water where it belongs, deadbeats will be getting jobs soon and being at least semi productive to the middle and upper classes.

  28. Less workers because of emigration issues and a raging virus that spreads like wildfire and thousands of deaths because of it. Not enough pay to put a roof over your head. That's the reasons for worker shortages. Let's not forget to mention there's a lot of angry people out there taking it out on the workers everyday.

  29. The biggest reason is wealthy dirty politicians taking the podium and immigration needs to go alot lower

  30. Help me to say big thanks to the Great and only #drbanlogun on YouTube channel for sending his herbs product that got me off the genital herpes virus.Respect Dr Banlogun

  31. You are talking about legal or illegal People coming in NBC guy?

  32. Illegal immigration is at record highs. C T s a f a hole. A Democrat.

  33. We should be more like Japan

  34. Finally someone talks about this. Thank you!

  35. Good more jobs for Americans

  36. Its not because of a lack if immigration that we have a labor shortage,,its because our brain surgeon leaders in mostly on the left said we need to shut the country down..remember before we shut down we did not have a labor shortage. What we did have was a real growing economy.the government paid people to stay home because if the repercussions and the destruction of businesses shutting down..people are finding other ways to make a living..or hopping from one job to another and or are still receiving benefits from the we have hyperinflation,,in everything from homes,rentals,food,gas,supply chain issues,.these leaders have made there political party as the top priority even at the expense of the economy or the welfare of the people.. millions Americas are brainwashed and don't have the slightest clue that they have been brainwashed.

  37. Every growing economy knows that it needs a constant and increasing supply of able bodied labour. As the work force ages to retirement new young workers must be recruited and trained to replace them. This can create a static state but growth requires either better productivity or more workers to meet demand. If exports are also required then even more workers are needed. The US has had the advantage of immigration in various periods of its existence that has met all needs and allowed it to grow to be the largest and richest economy in the world. Family sizes have been shrinking as the costs of raising children has increased and education makes these children have higher aspirations. They seek the higher status and better paid jobs. This leaves a hole in the workforce that has been met with lower skilled immigration labour. The xenophobic and racist mindset of many Populists and Republicans who focus on expelling migrants, limiting channels to citizenship and building walls starves the economy of growth potential. The only alternative is for every women in America to have five children, to become baby machines. Which might explain the Republicans anti-abortion and anti-birth control stance but challenges their anti-child care and anti-parental leave position. You can not have it both ways. The only other alternative is robots, lots of them.

  38. Because we make less and less every year. I can't even purchase a home with 14 hr. Job.

  39. The Republicans are part of the Kremlin and the distortions of " News" from the perspective of this program can be recognized for the RUSSIA TV point of view. Another ABUSE OF THE PEOPLE VIA ABUSE OF POWER OF TV NEWS EXPLOITING THE BIG LIE
    Hoping the " come arounds " do show up.

  40. They're coming by the thousands. And they don't have to work when the taxpayers are paying for everything they need.

  41. We're ignoring the 2 million illegals?

  42. Of course no one want to work in the United States because legal immigration is extremely difficult. I know and I tried that 's why I am doing my immigration with Canada. Hopefully it will work out.

  43. What about Amazon taking Oregon workers employees that’s also cutting into the fabric of working people

  44. The UK is having the same problem because of Brexit.