Space Sip – 300K SIP Airdrops! New Triple A NFT Game – Play to Earn


Hi guys! Below is the link for the Free SIP airdrop from Space Sip. Please follow the instructions on telegram and complete the steps.

Space Sip is a new triple A NFT game that is coming to the NFT gaming world. They have not launched their IDO and Presale yet so there is a chance that we all can get on it early.

The play to earn mechanics for this game is PVE, PVP and mining. And also includes selling of NFTs in their marketplace. The web release version will be launched in Q4 2021.

Keep this game under your radar as there is huge potential on this project.
They are lead by a great team and partner with awesome backers and investors.


BSC and Polygon

00:00 Sip Airdrop
00:50 Project overview
03:54 Roadmap
05:06 Team and Dev
08:00 Partners and Investors
09:15 Pitchdeck and Whitepaper
13:41 Tokenomics

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Responses (4)

  1. Refferal System = Dead Project Sorry Hard Pass…

  2. Wah, where got so much money play so many game. Which is the good ones?

  3. Thank you! Joined the airdrop! Subscribed!