Step by Step Sansa Clip Sport Plus SD Upgrade Mod


I bought another cheap clip to demonstrate step by step how to open, dump the original card, flash a new card, reassemble and finally reformat. I end up upgrading to 64gb in this video but larger cards should theoretically work (unless there’s some hard limit coded into the firmware I haven’t found yet). In the end you will have as much internal memory as you want in the only clip model with built in bluetooth!
*As always ymmv and any damage incurred in attempting this mod is your responsibility


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Special thanks to Eric Skiff for freely providing the music used in this video off his album Resistor Anthems. His music can be found at

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Responses (12)

  1. Thanks for sharing that and great video.

  2. Could you do a video on replacing the battery?

  3. Great job! But here's a radical idea, why don't they just make them expandable. Like they were over a decade ago.

  4. I'm looking for a reliable simple mp3 with an insanely long battery life and a massive storage capacity. Do you think we can mod these Sansa players with a large battery?

  5. Was wondering if you can help wit mines …i was able to put songs on my sd n play them on my sandisk but sent back to the company n now get it back n wont read my sd i notice that they upgraded the firmware from the 1.10
    To a 1.14…so dont no of that has anything to do

  6. I've got a project idea….
    3d print something to widen the clip, wire a spare battery in so it has double the life. lol

  7. Hi I got some questions on a sandisk I have. Can you please contact me to see if you can help me out. Thank you

  8. Hey! I have a gameboy advance sp with the screen that’s not working well. Can you help me?

  9. aww, Ya are also using thoose thread clippers, its funny how some seemingly unrelated tools can be mighty helpfull in electronics

  10. Nice this good video