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Stocks to buy now. Crypto to buy now. With the fed meeting next week we analyze the stocks that might be affected the most and look for opportunities in stocks and crypto to buy now. Stock market live. Stock market trading live. Stock market analysis live. Options trading live. Technical analysis live.


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Responses (14)

  1. Wilbert Brown

    Biotechnology and Healthcare stocks were doing well until this new omicron variant. Should I stick with them or should I sell? 🏷💸

  2. Had no idea 💡 traveling trader was a Democrat.

  3. Alex Walker

    << I've been listening to various analysis of surrounding cryptocurrencies, sounds like a slight correction to around 45-50k has a high probability before the next impulsive wave. Bruce also mentioned it could dip to around 54-62k. Between the two, I'm guessing the dip will finalize over the next 2-3 weeks. But looking like 100k shortly after. If it's anything like the past it'll top off at the beginning of the year maybe January, Still got a couple of Alt coin i believe will 10x, I have cashed out most of my Alt coin, made over half a million dollars this year , All the other alts are competing with each other, they are more centralized, and the majority of them are not completed projects. I can't believe it when i hear people selling their btc for alts, although I was able to make 8b TC in just November from implementing tradess with tips and info from Bruce Olsen.>

  4. Totally Raw

    Hey man, you mentioned that you like basketball and soccer. How about track and field? Are you a track fan?

  5. Hoang Long Vu

    which package is includes swing oftion trades that i can buy from you ?

  6. you411116tube

    Z, another great video! Thank you for all that you do! I have a quick question regarding scalping the SPY. I’d really appreciate your input!
    In your June 17th 2020 video, you’d said that the price oscillator strategy works best the first two hours of market open, then in the Nov. 1. 2020 you’d said you don’t make a SPY trade within the first hour and a half to two hours of market open. You said you like to see a trend established before entering.
    I’m wondering when you currently typically begin scalping. Do you wait an hour and a half/2 hours, or do you start scalping at market open? I’ve found through trial and error that waiting until 30-60 min into market open generally works best. I’m curious as to what your preference currently is. Thank you again! Best trading/investing channel on YouTube!!!

  7. Isabella Stewart

    <I like your presentation !! Clear and straight ahead !! The price pump is amazing for very early investors or those who got in for the first time 7 days ago, otherwise, it just bounces back to normal price for the rest of us which is good, BTC is really in a class of its own, it has no competitors. All other alts are competing with each other, they are more centralized and most of them are not completed projects. I can't believe it when I hear people selling their BTC for alts, lol, that's why I trade with the best analysts since the last bear, what I get maximum success, and info from Leon Calvin, a reputable trader. I have increased my initial 1.3 BTC to 5.8 BTC with his program over the past few months, you can reach out to him to learn more about the implementation of the trade on 🆃🅴🅻🅴🅶🆁A🅼 >>>> @LeonCalvintrade. Let's make the best out of what we can…

  8. Gruia Bejenaru

    I really like your videos, and watch almost all of them, as long as they're around 15 mn long XD… I just don't have more time… Perhaps It's not just me in this case. Would you consider making a summary on the most frequent/interesting questions asked ?

  9. gothops

    Hey Traveling Trader, what da dealio yo?

  10. 3rdeye Brand


  11. Brandon

    I was the 420th like

  12. Saif Adil

    Your are the best

  13. tdawg coolgirl

    People don't like to go out anymore. So, it makes sense that it's more convenient to buy stocks that allows people the convenience to do things at home. I don't want to sit in a freaking dr. office for 2 hours.

  14. Brent Playes

    Thank you for your time and knowledge. GOD Bless You and Your Family