When trading and investing, you have to start somewhere, but choosing between stocks and cryptocurrencies is largely down to you.

Whether you are a beginner, advanced, or think of yourself as a bit of an expert, your risk tolerance will determine the best market for you.

Although volatility itself does not equate to risk, your emotional reaction to it does and in Cryptos, the volatility is drastic but that doesn’t necessarily make it any more dangerous.

A tough question to answer, but what do you think? Where would you start?

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Responses (42)

  1. Gauranga Nistha Das

    i think cryptos are easier to understand for people that dont understand any markets at all… crypto is more volatile yes, but also is easier to comprehend

  2. Relentless

    Stocks is a way for rich people to maintain wealth.

    Crypto is a risky way for ordinary people to go from average to rich QUICK.

  3. Coco Mahi

    If anybody finds this please teach me how to invest in stocks, I'm been watching videos and reading but I'm still lost AF

  4. Kitetsu Bou

    Stock make my friend millionaire
    But crypto makes me multi millionaire 😛

  5. Youlastyeet

    I am a beginner and I see crypto better than stock and also profits are crazy

  6. 3-Triangles

    ❤️ shibnobi

  7. Leeleshwar

    You really deserve more subscribers

  8. Crypto currency’s are the biggest Ponzi scheme the world ever have seen. Just talk and no value behind…. I feel sorry for all buyers from today and forward! God bless!

  9. Suhantha Rhupen

    I'd start with crypto cuz you really do need to start somewhere, I've recently started trading with crypto and gained a ton and at the same time lost a lot, at the end of the day its all about research. If you are not a risk taker I suggest you start of with some of the big market cap crypto and if you're like me who is go big or go home try trading with smaller market cap altcoin.

  10. beautifiedbydaisy_ on ig

    I’m 17 started stocks when I was 16 funded by my hair business I started at 15 now I’m hoping to start crypto , I really wish I knew about crypto when I was younger

  11. Traditional investment = buy bond or p2p lending, aim for 5-15% APY
    Cryptocurrency = buying small cap coin/token for medium term and move your profit to traditional investment.

  12. Rogel Parocha


  13. both are good but i prefer crypto, so i'm going to say crypto

  14. Seth and Camille

    I started with stocks but withing 2-3 months I switched to cryptos. Never looked back. Took a hit switching but it was well worth it.

  15. Clyde Loise Figueroa

    Crypto because of Fast Transactions of Withdrawals amd Deposits. In stocks 8t would take couple of days Before it Reflect on your account your money.
    But in crypto its just a matter of seconds

  16. Contact adamosnicktrader on Instagram

    Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose is a result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life..

  17. Nick Broyles

    How do people learn stocks or crypto? Do you start with a coach/mentor or just research yourself and figure it out?

    Not sure how I should start getting into it…

  18. Κωνσταντίνος Γεωργέλης

    Cryptos better

  19. Jp Yoseph

    I’ve gotten 5-10x gains in crypto

  20. Jp Yoseph

    Crypto because it is 24/7 opportunities

  21. Infinite Space

    I would like to earn income over a long period of time, hence starting with the basics and gaining confidence to begin trading is what I believe I'll find in trading stocks.

  22. Sergioo_90s

    I started with cryptos because stocks just confused the shit out of me lol 😆

  23. Shelly Taylor

    Stocks are very intimidating. Which one to buy? Crypto is crypto. The hardest decision is which exchange and when to buy.

  24. maxjoey sirrock

    you make money with cryto but option you can make big money but cryto you need lots of money to get big return option little money better return i think

  25. i recommend BITFXTRADING On telegram

    👆🏻👆👆 How did you come such a golden heart? Thanks for the extraordinary help you have to me it give me so much relief…. God will reachily bless you ✌️👆..

  26. Fybian Fyablo

    This was great. Got heaps out of this!

  27. David Sanchez

    i understood the stock market while learning with crypto

  28. Heracles Thales

    I can understand why a stock appreciates fundamentally aside from market exuberance because the underlying business is more profitable and grows and expands but why does bitcoin appreciate? What is the underlying value that is increasing? Until someone explains that to me I can't invest in it. It just looks like tulip mania and the greater fool theory in practise.

  29. sheikh hamdani

    I probably guess crypto is way much better but SIP works good for stocks… Crypto is better for those who are able to have more risk appetite and tolerance

  30. 1mmafrka


  31. wonder nights

    XRP to the moon 🚀🚀🚀

  32. Julia O.

    Gret Video, thank youuu!


    The volatility in crypto is the best part! That’s where the money is! I looked at a stock chart one time & laughed cause in crypto we lose 3% in a day & go eat a sandwich & think nothing of it but in stocks you’d probably cry if you lost 3% in 15 minutes lol

  34. Mia Silverman

    Crypto because i feel like its just at the beginning and also because there is so much inflation where I live, I want my money to gain value, not lose it 🙂

  35. Rinzing Bhutia

    Crypto of course

  36. Alexander Bryan Ngking

    Sir am i doing it right in crypto?
    Invested certain amount (lets say 500usd), scalping only profit if there is any, and let my initial investment grow again (above 500usd) before farming again?

  37. SnakedTV

    Start with crypto to get them high percentage gains. Then use them gains for etf dividend paying stocks for consistent and steady gains over time. Well of course still hold some stable and alt coins.

  38. buddy O


  39. Both. Hodling HODL. And loving it.

  40. RanchHand Fencing

    Keep an eye on Ethereum Classic ETC. I've made more gains with ETC in a month then I have ever with stocks.

  41. Sensei Menhara Chan TV

    As 20 years old I started investing stocks in the year of January 2020. Before i thought crypto will not go anywhere. Butttt since i started getting it into the game. I learned many things!

  42. Abhishek Vengalasetty

    I need a huge profits so I will vote to crypto and I am also atrader but I got more profits on crypto soo I like and there is a huge risk