Stuart Varney: December jobs report 'a big miss'


FOX Business host Stuart Varney reacts to the U.S. adding 199,000 jobs in December, less than half the expected number. #FoxNews

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Responses (23)

  1. Unemployment is closer to 20 percent than 3.9

  2. Tell me Brad what are we going to do 11,780 votes?

  3. The unemployment rate is false. It doesn't account for folks who have exhausted their UI benefits.

  4. The low UI rate simply means people aren't applying for it…they still aren't working, or they are stealing and selling so they make more money that way…FJB won't admit any of that because he doesn't see it as a problem. It's good to be stealing…or rather; gathering reparations…it's like harvesting a field!!!

  5. And still he has a better jobs record than little donnie

  6. Come on, Doocy, I thought you were too smart to be singing the praises of an unemployment rate under 4%. Guess I was wrong. That's the U-3 figure, which is bogus as hell. It doesn't count people who don't have a job and are not looking for one as unemployed. Guess what, sucka, people who don't have a job are unemployed whether they're looking for one or not. Ditch the U-3 number and tell us what the U-6 number is.

  7. U3 vs U6.

    U3 Only counts people Actively seeking employment that are recorded.

    It's more like 20%.

  8. An excellent opportunity to take an extra job, add income, and better provide for our families. U remember, what our parents did. Now, complaining is sort of a career.

  9. At this rate, I'll be surprised if Biden is even alive in 2024.

  10. Unemployment might have low numbers but doesn't mean ppl are working.

  11. Democrats in charge that's why everyone can stay home get paid for it DONT HAVE TO PAY YOUR RENT BECAUSE THEY DONT HAVE TO PAY RENT !!!!

  12. Jobs everywhere…which is bad according to Fox

  13. I see millions will literally burn in 2022.. it's going to be arsonist and wild fires.. climate change is and democratic socialism… Lmfao

  14. 2021 best economy ever thanks to Joe Biden he will go down in history, as a yearly growth jobs America added 6.4 million jobs last year the most since record started in 1939 another 199,000 jobs added in December unemployment Falls to 3.9% so much for inflation being a problem wages increase 4.7% in 2021

  15. Varney you limey scum bag, go back to Brexit Britain and claim your sovereignty. MAGA

  16. Oh no not Bed Bath and Beyond oh no.

  17. Such hyperbole. While the economists were wrong in their predictions, 199,000 is not a terrible number. It exceeds the average growth of the population, for one thing, so jobs are being created, and when you consider the reports of how many people quit working last month, and in a year that has seen record job growth, I'd say it's actually an exceptional number. Can it be better? No doubt, but we may disagree on how.

  18. Can’t even be black in white American


  20. This entire Admin and its policies are a big miss.

  21. Are you kidding me 3% mortgage interest rate??? When I bought a house in 1988 and paid 8% for the mortgage.