The 3 Types of NFT’s that Will 100x | My NFT Strategy for Each Category | Why NFT's Have Value


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The NFT market Consists of three main categories at the moment. Those are what i call “High Art”, Profile Picture Projects (pfp) and Gaming NFTs. They each serve a different purpose, take unique approaches and each require a different strategy. I break down the differences of the categories and show you examples of the some of the best projects in each category.

The goal of this video is to better help you navigate the NFT space. If this helped it would be greatly appreciated if you share what you liked about the video in the comment section below so i can get better at helping everyone!

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The projects I talked about in this video:

High Art:
Ether rocks:
Art Blocks Curated:

Profile Picture:
Crypto Punks:
Bored Ape Yacht Club:
Pudgy Penguins:

Gaming Metaverses:

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Responses (23)

  1. Hi, does anyone know if someone buys my art nft, do they also own the hard copy/painting as well?

  2. nfts are the future🙌🏽

  3. How to put art in Art Blocks?

  4. Do any of the projects you share show their faces?! Get some NFT'S with a Genuine FAN BASE AND UTILITYand then you can sleep at night! Rookies!

  5. “Just your every day person who can spend 7 thousand dollars on a profile picture project.”

  6. Please review Dhevas cross chain NFT project Polygon, Solana, Ethereum

  7. FunkyMonkeyFratHouse –
    Check out this amazing project

    CUSTOMIZED MONKEYS for early adopters only .1 ETH. ENDS MONDAY AT 12 PM PST!
    After that, 1 ETH for a limited time before the 10K random NFT drop!
    Yes, CUSTOMIZED. Tell the creator what unique attributes you want, and he will make them then delete them after he mint your NFT! All Customized Monkeys have the same golden background so people will know you are SPECIAL!
    You will not only get a custom made Funky Monkey Frat House NFT, you will be white listed for pre-sale on the 10K drop!
    Check out their discord for more information!

  8. if you are interested in making nfts I just uploaded a complete tutorial! 💸🙌 also I trying to create more content about trading dropshiping and instagram marketing and would really appreciate some support.

  9. Someone made an NFT of the numbers 1-1000 😂

  10. Hi guys, what about Minotaurs NFT project? Can you help me? Thanks bro

  11. Cryptodads def blue chip..floor still low

  12. Hey man, have you heard of gorilla mafia? I really want to buy one because they look sick! They say it’s hand drawn and then send you the image of the nft being drawn which is so cool what do you think?

  13. Have you heard about Altura? Based on my research, this project will be valuable investment, as Altura is the pioneer of Smart NFT. Already increased more than 10x since last month price. And Altura will launch the developer portal along with the public API on October 8th, allowing users to program & integrate Smart NFTs in third-party apps/games. With this big news, I'm sure price will go skyrocket again more than 10x next month. Buy $ALU now while it's still very cheap and low market cap.

  14. Left out gaming NFT blockchain bikers

  15. WanPunks easy doe

  16. Come this goes for millions of dollars, you telling u rather to have this in your wallet than a mansion with nice car… bull sssshhhh eh hemmmm….. be real mate

  17. You definitely need to check out universe in a cube NFT. The graphics are unreal 🙂

  18. Why buy when i can copy and paste

  19. What’s up fellow Doge! Glad I stumbled on to your channel 👍


  20. this video is about on how to dominate in nft world🔥👌👌 for sure do you know about UWUFUFU helping the defi and NFT capabilities with viral content markteting to help brands to effectively deploy their advertising campaigns

  21. Toadz by Gremplin👀