The Average Internet User


everybody who uses the internet has at least experienced ONE of these phases…

Instagram ➤
Steam ➤
Vine ➤ lmao you thought

from the discord, reddit, twitter, and tiktok phases to the “cartoon” phases, we’ve all experienced these things at least once in our internet lifetime…


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Responses (22)

  1. The internet is a wonderous place full of fun and endless possibilities…kind of

  2. I thought he was gonna go on /fit/ when he clicked 4chan

  3. i-i expericend none of those

  4. Is that an mlp g3 in a jar

  5. What text to speech do you use?

  6. Wacky adventures 😔

  7. I like how it's just a video of a man's slow decent into madness with M|O|O|Ns hydrogen playing in the background.

  8. "Hydrogen" from Hotline Miami playing in the background

  9. 0:58
    Neck chain made out of
    92,4% Ag Silver
    4,7% Fe Iron
    3% Ch Chromium
    Hair made our of:
    99,6% C Carbon
    0,4% O Oxygen
    Avg. Temparature at room:
    27,7 Celcius
    Atmospheric Pressure:
    101.293 Pascals
    Atmospheric consitence:
    78% N Nitrogen
    21% O Oxgen
    2,9% Ar Argon
    Trace amounts of C Carbon, S Sulfur
    Avg. Light wavelenght:
    473 nanometers
    Average Doge size:
    12 Light-nanoseconds
    Camera quality: 12.000.000 LED Pixels
    Current Current flow:
    Current light strength:
    1217 Lumens
    Voice frequency:
    2737Hz (Sine wave)
    Current happiness of Doge:
    58% (neutral)
    Current stress level:
    47% (neutral)
    Current number of friends:


  10. 1:25 oh no not the jar
    Oh God oh f*ck noo

  11. What is this song in the beginning? I think it’s nice

  12. American tiktok is hell but British tiktok is the best

  13. I like discord, just use it with your friends and don't join public servers lol

  14. I like the hotline miami music in the background

  15. Name of techno song?

  16. Plot twist: his dad has never seen him again

  17. POV u aren’t attracted to fictional woman 💪💪💪💪👍👍👍👍👍👍😈😈😈😈😈👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺😎😎😎😎

  18. In a hundred years this video will be used in school to explain what lead to world war 3

  19. how do you make these videos

  20. Forced gender reassignment