The BEST Indicator On TradingView: Squeeze Momentum Indicator Strategy (Lazybear)


Today we are testing the The BEST Indicator and most downloaded indicator On TradingView: Squeeze Momentum Indicator Trading Strategy (Lazybear) . We are going to try to make aa highly profitable trading strategy with the best tradingview indicator. So today we are putting it to the test this buy sell signal indicator.

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The one in this video is free on tradingview and works on forex trading, day trading stock and options, as well as crypto trading. The trading strategy is based on the fact that the market goes through periods of increased volatility followed by periods of lower volatility. Generally, the market consolidates 80% of the time before it breaks out. This is a good time to enter a long position and profit when the breakout occurs.

To trade the Squeeze Momentum, use the TradingView. Focus on the Zero Line on the chart. When you see white dots firing, it means that the price is entering a squeeze condition. However, black dots should not be used as a signal to enter a trade. Instead, you should combine the black dots with a horizontal momentum bar. If your strategy does not work well with the Squeeze Momentum, try combining it with another trading indicator like the ADX and the 200 EMA.

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00:00 Intro (very important)
02:05 The Winning Trading Strategy
07:00 The Coded Trading Strategy
19:00 Let’s Test 100 times
10:00 Squeeze Momentum Trading My Thoughts
10:30 Conclusion

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DISCLAIMER (read it please): Leverage trading is ONLY for EXPERIENCED TRADERS. If you Trade with a BOT from 3Commas on Bybit it does NOT mean you have no risk. You can still lose money if the Bot suddenly gets unprofitable.

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Responses (32)

  1. Davidd Tech

    Squeeze Momentum is defo worth SQUEEZING That LIKE button. Right? 💪

  2. Shyam Prasad

    I think marketcipher uses this same indicator underneath.

  3. just found you today! awesome channel bro I wish I could code haha. your a legend. subbed and liked

  4. Ok and where is the strat link?

  5. Jaap Van der Heijden

    Hi David really enjoying your content, great to be part of your community. Where can i find this strategy? i don't see it in discord under the strategy links section

  6. Megan Frai

    I see youre on the 1H time frame//are there any suggested TP/SL for lower time frames like the 15 minute for us scalpers?

  7. The Horror

    Hey, I checked for this on the Discord and it seems like you havent posted it yet

  8. Nelson Cascalheira

    Regarding strategy that you use, is it posible to set alerts on trading view to buy? I mean, email or screen message and not to be always on the chart?

  9. Jay Kay

    I agree… have to specify the duration of the tests. Otherwise the info is useless. You should also show the buy and hold for the same duration. Come on David….devil is in the details mate 👍🏻

  10. Burak Yiğitbaş

    Hey! Thank you for your efforts! Wish you the best. Can u make a video on how to connect your bot's signals to wunderbit? This will mean a lot to me!

  11. AL EN KA

    Very, very nice indicator for scalping. Thanks!

  12. Yeou Ling stevenkurt32@gmail com

    Invest in a secure platform and broker where you will not lose your funds. I'm new to trading, but i met Mr. Steven Kurt here on YouTube where he teaches people to trade forex and stocks. which he guides me with a super platform and amazing strategy. I thought it was a scam, but finally I cashed my first $20,000 profit last week, he is very reliable and honest,he always tells me the actual time for buying and selling with 100 profit from his one-on-one master training….Stay bless


    900% is impressive if it happened in like a year… but if its calculated from 2011 or whenever btc was born.. than simply hodling was much better..It would be great to see the results of a whole year back..

  14. Sujith Kesavan

    Difficult to get his indicators. Most of them locked 🔒. The way to get them is horrible. Not interested anymore

  15. Mohsin Veerani

    Thank you for posting. I want to backtest an invite-only indictor. Can you help me setup the strategy tester please?

  16. XxTheDifferencexX

    Arnt you just curve fitting the shit outta it and then declaring it profitable? Thats not how it works.

  17. SuPeRm4n100

    Hey nice video! What crypto bot are you connecting your crypto exchange with?

  18. Nagi Hatoum

    After fine tuning a strategy can you run it on data that was not used for the tuning and compare the results. I used to train neural networks to trade, if you overtrain on a set of data, it just memorizes it and then when used in real time it gives completely different results from the training set.

  19. Nick Windham

    HOLY COW! Way to go!!

  20. Cash Athletes

    lazy bear wins trading view awards this past 5 years

  21. R先生

    Do you have a video on how to correctly use the optimiser? Much appreciated.

  22. Nate Mirsky

    why are you only taking one trade per state? there is no perfect entry, and all hedge funds i know purchase over an area …..

  23. K M Nayak

    guys please dont use this indicator …rather than this use rsi with 60 40 line and atr…..u will gain what u think

  24. Jacob Geense

    awesome Davidd. Look very promising. Looking forward to test it. keep up the good work.

  25. Ney Tude

    For manual day traders: ichimoku cloud (only the cloud, in place of the EMA) + squeeze momentum + rsi = 70% win

    ps – 5 minute chart

  26. Everts Aliredjo

    when you're from the 90s house scene but you trade crypto.

  27. Öztürk Tolga

    Does this have repainting issues?

  28. Liquidd

    not enough data backtested, these strategies wont work as described

  29. Best of

    Can I make a suggestion, please can you tell us how long the back teat was for. I mean the 900% is amazing but to compare one strat to another surely we need to know how long it took to get that 900%.
    You might have a strat that does 100% every month but then you might have a strat that does 200% every 3 weeks. Just a suggestion

  30. Robin S. Storey

    nice one !!!

  31. saravana Sundaramurthy

    How to pay via crypto for discord access

  32. Truck Drive Over Stuff - Destroy

    Vooom vooommm looking good.