'The big quit' as millions leave jobs in US – BBC News


Millions of Americans are leaving their jobs in what economists are calling “the great resignation”.

2021 has seen a huge number of people in the US change their careers – last month four million quit their jobs.

BBC’s US correspondent Michelle Fleury went to meet people in Kentucky, where people are quitting at a higher rate than in many other states.

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  1. So true job always there only one life to live. If you love the job you stay longer also if you like the job because it gives you survival in terms of bread and butter you stay longer. Some they don't want to work like meself because it is useless hahahahahaha. I mean teaching is a noble profession. In order to teach you gotta graduate with a Teaching Diploma or Degree or advanced degree right. Which most of us did back in the decades. Well sometimes in teaching you as a teacher have to be innovative in lesson plans of topics in the syllables requirements but you still teaching same thing for years decades centuries generations only few upgrades. It becomes stagnant and boring again. Nothing to do with wages or salaries at all it was more than enough from meself meself view. It was just boring and useless again because what we learned in our teaching majors from University ain't taught at high school because it is different level of brain attainment. USELESS much and boring most of us just left teaching altogether. As for meself I could not climb the staircases after delievery of first baby hahahahahahaha. Like I don't know how but I just glided downwards and I ran away left teaching stay home relax

  2. Unashamedly and knowingly lying about a government induced phenomenon by suggesting 4 million Americans a month are becoming hippies and leaving there office jobs to become carpenters.
    They know full well the American Government is handing out so much social security with borrowed money from the privately owned federal reserve that it pays people to stay at home.
    This further breaks down a seriously overstretched supply chain.
    It’s almost as if someone was orchestrating a collapse of America.
    Deliberately sewing the seeds of chaos; Out of which perhaps some might believe a New Order could be forged?
    “New” however, is not always synonymous with “Progress”.

  3. This is the reaction of american work force to being treated like shit for the last 50 years. Really glad to see people leave their stressing, under paid, shitty jobs to do what ever they want that makes them happy to make a living

  4. To be a cleaning service u need a training, i mean wtf. Who else cant do clean, and u ask what motivation they want to be a cleaning service. Bruh

  5. its a battle of wits now just gonna stick to my work 2 more years and ill save up for a business

  6. I'll give a sad example. Just recently in my neighborhood, a 19 year old girl was working in Burger King at 1am ( or later) and a man came to the store with a gun and robbed the place. He shot and killed the 19 year old and injured another. Prior to this, the 19 year old asked for a day shift citing that she didn't feel safe working at night. The manager declined her request. This is just one extreme and sad example of what it's like to work in America. I don't care if you flip burgers, you have a right to feel safe at work. And some people don't feel as though the company cares about their employees. Therefore, they leave.

  7. Now the robot acopalype is upon us 🥳🥳🎉
    Worship our new overlords ☺️

  8. I get why people possibly leave customer facing jobs…….

  9. Too much 'office' politics in the workplace is ruinous and bosses who think they're Emperor Napoleon.

  10. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  11. "The attitudes of people who come in and don't wanna follow the rules and wanna yell at you about why they don't feel they need to" THIS IS IT. They answered it in 3 seconds for me.

  12. I quit my old job this year. I worked there for 5 years and got treated like crap the whole time. I was making good money and I had bills to pay so I was too scared to quit but I had enough one day and walked. I immediately felt better and now I work for a company that TRULY cares for me and pays me more so it all worked out great!

  13. Want to be treated like shit for low and stagnant wages? Want to give up your life to someone else's company? When the choice is your life or your job, people should always choose their life.

  14. Quit my job after the 3rd month knowing that I do not had to put myself through all that psychological and physical abuse anymore it's as if the job was designed against human nature. I decided to follow my instinct and create a better life for myself..I wish you all who read this do too. Happy new year's

  15. The guy in the thumbnail is the most American guy ever

  16. It’s an organic protest… they need to be paying a living wage!

  17. Pls.pray the rosary and devine mercy chaplet to free all countries from war, diseases, calamities, hunger, corruption, drugs, prostitution, abortion,homosexuality,pornography,euthanasia, divorce, child abuse,terrorism,slavery, corruption, communism and all evils.pls pray for peace and joy in all families and home . ..

  18. How can I find a job in the US?

  19. Wait for the punchline.
    "we need more immigrants to fill the jobs Americans are leaving"

  20. You are showing the facts but the story in poorly stitched

  21. we call it the big turn over here in NZ. during the pandemic we also had a big increase of people rethinking of how they want to work.

  22. If I could pass any wisdom to my kids it would be to live a simple life with low expenses and little debt. Time is more important than big homes and cars.

  23. take this job and shove it up your a**

  24. As a Swede it still shocks me that they have no free healthcare, university, housing, long vacation time, year of maternity/paternity leave or money. The USA Government needs to look after its citizens.

  25. I want to know where they are quitting to! I work at home but it’s in customer service and it’s mentally draining! Sometimes I do not feel like I am even working from home with how bad the customers are!


  27. It’s hard as hell here in America

  28. We're canon fodder to a fucked-up virus. Each shit and die, you bourgie dipshits.

  29. Resign, go alternative living, enjoy your freedom. You will be happier and healthier!

  30. I left my job to get a better paying job

  31. Because businesses who have a job to offer have become so arrogant, thanks to the internet. They know they can just post a job and get lots of responses. It's insane. They think they are part of a club. But, the club keeps getting smaller and smaller. Also, job seekers always think there is something better, on-line.

  32. Biden is not a man of his words .. Making American Great again… !! American has fallen

  33. It’s kinda funny how lots of those shitty customers and entitled people always say things like “if you don’t like it here get a better job” etc. but then complain about longer wait times at fast food and retail stores because people are actually doing it lol

  34. I understand people who quit jobs because their work places allows customers and coworkers NOT to wear masks….most sane people don't want to die of a disease. Other than that, I was always taught NOT to leave your job UNTIL you have another one 100% verified before you leave.