The Big Time NFT SPACE Sale Experience | Turning $7k into $70k in under a Day


So the Big Time NFT Sale happened last year and it was absolutely bananas. This game had so many people trying to get their hands on some SPACE.
Shockingly enough, I managed to get my hands on some before watching the price skyrocket on the secondary marketplace.

I’m genuinely excited to see where this game goes next and what it’s big plans for the future are.

This presale was nothing unexpected with how many crashes their site had and how impossible it was to even click a button as the site was flooded with users. Expect more gaming NFT presales to go exactly like this one did (or worse) in the future.

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Big Time is a game seeking to capture the MMO audience with many sci-fi and rpg elements. The game itself is still in development and thus I consider investing in to this project as of the release of this video as fairly high risk and would not advise those newer to the space to follow my lead.

I am not sponsored in any way.
I do still hold some of my SPACE but have sold off enough of it to at least make back my initial capital investment. I would advise that anyone planning on dabbling in these spaces do the same when given the opportunity.

If you’ve ever got a question about crypto you need answered then dont hesitate to hop in to one of my livestreams.

Here’s a Link to the BigTime market place and also their website:
– Marketplace
– website

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