'The Five' blasts Biden's attack on Senate filibuster


‘The Five’ panel reacts to President Biden’s Georgia remarks over election changes.
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Responses (36)

  1. One county in Georgia combined many voting sites into one and this is the county demos are talking about even thought this county votes Republican it's just stupid

  2. Who are those people clapping for him? Honestly, it boggles my mind that anyone, ANYONE would stand by this traitorous buffoon.

  3. I hate mainstream media, it’s all so biased.

  4. This dude is such a complete 🔫 tool. How does anyone believe what he says. All this guy does is lie

  5. Gerardo heard a different speech than everyone else I guess.

  6. Boycott Fox advertisers and let them know you are not buying their products. Tucker continues to spread misinformation endangering people. People should all start letting the advertisers that as long as Fox puts Tucker on, we will not purchase your products.

  7. Xiden can go to hell🔥 I am afraid he will come up with more EO because he wants his way & he will get it Constitutional or not🤬

  8. Biden is a senile lying POC and he needs to go.

  9. Individuals can reasonably have different opinions about whether the filibuster rule is good or bad. It's pretty tough to stomach, though, the utter hypocrisy of members of both parties as they claim either side as it suits them. The list is long.


  11. Only a monarch would say that there is no freedom apart from me, there is only freedom through me: we are a constitutional republic not a monarchy. Biden has not gone so far as to utter these monarchy words but his rants and dispositions like this most recent about voter reform speech about changing the senate rules, any which ever way they need to be change in order to support democracy definitely sounds like a monarchist.

  12. First off, I don’t get the food ban. Like how much of a man child you have to be to vote for the opposition? I know who I’m voting for, and I’ll gladly accept your food/drinks, and still vote against you.

  13. Hahahahaha. The Brandon administration is just pathetic.

  14. Did Geraldo just agree to everything Waters said??

  15. They are such Liars I doubt there was even a phone call

  16. A true racist in the White House!

  17. FJB and his supporters

  18. I'm sorry. But every single time I see Joe on TV, I see a different person.
    Either the ears are different or the nose is different, or the wrinkles around the eyes are different.
    Am I the only one noticing that?


  20. Stacy Abrams is a disgusting anti American.

  21. China biden and his administration are the only domestic terrorists in our constitutional republic. Shameful criminal.

  22. Stage rooms, hidden from reporters, giant wall teleprompter, concealed ear voice relays, fart proof sound disapaters, and he still fxxxs everything up, this is the United Staes of America, not the biden wantaby dicatatorship, joe biden man without a country, his America last policy is blowing up in his face this is what happens when the father and son team travel the world at the tax payors expense with their hands out, looking for monetary gain, at the cost of loyalty to America. Now that more and more has become public information joe biden is attempting to change and alter our constitution to hide behind smoke screens to ease their personal gain against the rules and laws. Return their pot of gold received from China and Russia taken form them for promises to do what? Recent court ruling shows a check on bidens power grabs, his total avoidance of any due process, for his implementation of executive directives without any regard for the legislative branch or any State considerations, let alone the American public at large. This trend will continue until his lust for political power and the return of American values without the dictatorship he is trying to put into effect.

  23. What a bonehead idea from a bonehead

  24. What about Rock the Vote. I've never had any issues voting never!!

  25. Yeah after he asked everybody which side they're on he forgot to tell everybody that he was on the side of George Wallace

  26. Because the only way they can win is by cheating and stealing the election, they can not win on their own merits because they are a bunch of clowns 🤡. Children could run this country better than these idiots. Bunch of LIER'S and moron's. 🤡😁

  27. Joe you made it perfectly clear that half of America is your enemy. Let’s go Brandon

  28. Well..isn't that special…if I remember correctly, the CIA coined the term " conspiracy theories" to disenfranchise ufo sightings and the people who openly criticize the government..anyone labeled as such, in the publics mind, was considered an instant crackpot. The consistent labeling of dissenting Americans as domestic terrorists is no diffrent..over time, the public will believe the label is real, especially when riots become the norm, as witnessed by the actions demonstrated last year. Ex-CIA who are very charming are usually placed in roles somewhere in the media to give a "sobering" or "reasonable" explanation for events outside of the norm. Right now, the WH is preparing concrete barricades 10ft tall within the outside perimeter fence line. My "theory" is an presidential executive order will be to mandate the vax. A riot will ensue, congress will freak out, and allow, another EO to suspend the 2nd amendment within the "neutral"territory of Washington DC..of course, it will be only "temporary", but I do believe that's how the Venezuela people were disarmed…one foreign experiment that resulted in success to derail a constitution can likewise be used to do the same domestically.

  29. Also these hosts are so cringe my god

  30. Careful, if you disagree with Herr Brandon you'll have the FBI kicking down your door at 3am :/

  31. When Obama2.0's(Biden) Sheep wake up it could be Romania 89. There are a lot of sheep in the pasture. The left-winged media outlets outnumber the center and right wing. It's not as simple as changing the channel. Research and look for independent unbiased American journalists. The internet is a tool to be used.

  32. Let’s go Brandon eat it

  33. "We got our scheduling mixed up…"