'The Five' react to Americans fed up with Biden's disasters


‘The Five’ panel react to President Biden saying that his administration is making progress despite record-high inflation and supply chain bottlenecks. #FoxNews #TheFive

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Responses (36)

  1. T da man

    Are there classes in college teaching students on how to talk like a politicians? First day all the way to the last day of class, the topic is lying.


    The idea that inflation is a solution to low wages is a total crock.

  3. WTS DWR

    Did Geraldo Rivera get plastic surgery, so his face doesn't hurt when he has a fake smile on his face that long.

  4. Maxine Bailey

    Geraldo can go ….. Back to wherever he was! I won't watch the five now, not having to listen to him!

  5. none none

    Malarky! Grandpa Joe you are pitiful!

  6. Vidhya Ritchie

    You guys rock!

  7. Tulips and Hibiscus

    😂 I love it! You guys are great! Love the bump joke! 🙂

  8. Kathy Long Beach CA

    Butrigieg came to LB for Broadway……

  9. Paul Mag

    Hasn’t even started yet. Barack took over America and no one is talking about it.

  10. TrueTrax


  11. Martin Hewing

    Soviet Supermarket Joe.

  12. Russell Romig

    On Economy – Biden=Carter; Trump=Reagan

  13. thomas batty

    well hell, according to geraldo all we need for wage equity is another pandemic, that should fix everything. People so disconnected from everyday life in America

  14. Cathy Johnson

    Geraldo you’re stupid!!! Anyone knows that the more you increase wages the more products will cost so you’re really not accomplishing anything! Now if wages increased and products stayed low it would be great but not going to happen.

  15. Cannabis Club Monthly 420

    Left over covid relief money, lol, the politicians have it, it's there's, they will never give it back..

  16. white light

    He won't make it till next year look at him he looks sick as hell and to boot his brain is broke

  17. Betty Jo Nelson

    Who thought seeing more of Geraldo was a good idea?

  18. Fred Kocher

    Hey Pete–The day some of us celebrate the Birth of Christ has absolutely nothing to do with goods coming thru Long Beach. I know some USE the date on the calendar to get a new IPhone
    I use it to understand how my faith allows me to reflect on the many blessings I've been afforded in my life. There is no doubt in my mind how and why I have the beautiful wife, kids and family i have

  19. Andrew Graham

    Yep, claiming to be wise, tney have proven to be fools.

  20. Let's Go Brandon!!

  21. FJB!

  22. Jake Jensen

    Joe Brandon needs to shut the hell up and go away he needs to be put away actually if you know what I mean !!!!!!!!!

  23. Brick Mason

    New Christmas movie….
    "The Christmas Queen who saved Christmas"….

  24. 😲astounded@stupid😬

    Dems are the HATE GENERATORS . Not 'generation'.

  25. Joe Biden is a complete idiot

    Everything Joe does it has to be shipped high in transit and it smells really bad


    Bare Shelves Biden is his name, scarcity is his Democrat game! 🤣🤣🤣

  27. Tony Morris

    F-Joe Biden.

  28. Kevin Hoyt

    "The Stock Market Never Lies?" The stock market is propaganda and tells consumers exactly what Wall Street wants them to see. The stock market is far too susceptible to manipulation to be a bellwether for where our economy is going.

  29. Stink Wrinkle

    I still don’t know what “the five” is


    We're "FED UP" with the leftists "IN GENERAL" 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  31. Guido Segalla

    Geraldo can't be serious ! 😜

  32. This country has fallen to ruin!! Everyone who voted for Biden deserves what’s happening now.

  33. rhino11us

    Gerardo is clueless!

  34. Richard Lusk

    They need to bring back tar and feathering for this administration and Geraldo.

  35. Firepoet1

    45 knew this would happen. I expect the dems to put all their chips on the Senate race.

  36. james s

    The Americans who are paying attention are fed up. Most Americans aren't paying attention.