'The Five' torches Kamala Harris' recent interview


‘The Five’ weighs in on criticism the vice president has received over her ‘word salad’ interview


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  1. Biden and Harris are simply dreadful. I challenge anyone to go back in history and find an administration that was a bigger disaster after one year in office than these two clowns. Holy jumping shitballs.

  2. It’s clear Kamala doesn’t give a shite about any of this.

  3. “It is time for us to do what we have been doing, and that time is every day.” You can’t convince me she is not high on drugs.

  4. Why are you wanting them to succeed?

  5. Kamala has literally been ordered to stay away from the border. Biden appointed her for that, because he didn't want anyone to do anything about it.

  6. At least when she cackles she doesn’t say dumb things. She should consider just cackling.

  7. Heals up headboard Harris. She slept her way to the top.

  8. So google is the government now

  9. What is she saying? Do Google????? What. STUPID.

  10. She is only a distraction to cover up election results and a fake ADMINSTRATION

  11. I need a test. You know what I'm talking about you know what I'm saying

  12. Just Solve Problems!
    The Kamel has only solved how to get to the next political latter rung. Heals up doesn't solve real life problems!!!

  13. Biden and Harris equals Dumb and Dumber

  14. Word salad. She's like NASA, Never A Straight Answer.

  15. What an utter embarrassment for the US to have voted in such an illiterate, underwhelming figure as VP purely based on her " minority" status.

  16. Some body remind me what..white grape fruit juice taste like…we in the UK…can't get it…once in five years…and it was costly. This harsh cold reality. It's a million miles from Kamala Harris.

  17. It is time to do what we’ve been doing and that time is today !!! Girl, you all have been doing crap, nothing, zilch. It’s time for you to go home.

  18. She has no talent, no skill, no sincerity. She is the most incompetent person in politics. No one so ignorant should ever hold office. That woman is as dangerous as she is incompetent. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  19. Never has anyone used so many words to say absolutely nothing

  20. She has no bloody clue what she’s saying! What a bloody disaster! I do it better with eyes closed and one hand and one leg!

  21. But she is the first woman of color to be VP. Affirmative action.

  22. 😏😂😂😂💃

  23. The USA is adopting Turkey’s monetary policy…. TIK Tok Kamal, u being vp THAT WAS JUST AN IDEA ALSO.

  24. Shes gonna “goggle” risk assessment!

  25. Joe Biden was not the most popular Democratic candidate until somebody (Obama?) convinced Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg to drop out on the eve of the Super Tuesday primaries while leaving Elizabeth Warren to split votes with Bernie Sanders. Kamala Harris was much more unpopular than Biden, moreover, proven by the fact that she dropped out before even the first primary when Tulsi handily torpedoed her in a debate by summarizing her record before arriving in Washington. Yet here we are with Biden and Harris, clearly installed for some reason and I believe that reason is that they could be trusted with doing the dirty work necessitated by the UN agenda without getting cold feet or having even a glimmer of ethical doubt – Joe Biden because of his severe cognitive decline and Kamala Harris because she's a toxic combination of dumbo and amoral political climber.

  26. I am strongly trying but I can't provide any respect to Kamala Harris, I only ask for Diplomacy, at least that, but every time she opens her mouth she shows me how embarrassing must be for some many who lost their vote.

  27. What risk assessment? Shes just gonna “GOOGGLLEEE IT” !!!

  28. Smells like Ms.President

  29. 5:12 – Harold – the reason she was not more prepared is that she has never been prepared – she's the one who always has had somebody else do her homework – some things never change in a person – this is JUST WHO SHE IS!!!

  30. Judge Joe Brown Gave an outstanding commentary on kamala Harris Look it up

  31. Biden chose her for 2 reasons:1) She checked 3 boxes…woman, Asian, Black, and 2) Job security…no one with half a brain wants her in the Oval Office. She's like Hillary Clinton, unlikeable and untrustworthy.

  32. It's About the people who count the Votes Joe Biden

  33. 4:30 – Dagen Says "Ka-ma-la-la-la-la has been catching javelins…" – yeah, right… square in the middle of her chest…

  34. 3:40 – Virginia is for Dagen Lovers!

  35. She is not worrying, there are plenty of idiots to vote for her in brainwashed pool od DemKKKraks

  36. she makes me sick

  37. 3:03 – How is is that the four dimwits on "The View" have backgrounds that look like the four of them are actually IN the SAME STUDIO?!?

  38. Harris is brilliant and bold, she is the perfect puppet and all American token, what a performance

  39. Effing worthless.

  40. kamala is so dumb and that's an understatement

  41. I think she's just that dumb, I mean she slept her way to the top.