The Great Resignation: Why Millions Of Workers Are Quitting


Americans are leaving their jobs in droves. In August 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs. While some people have left the workforce entirely, job security and better pay are top concerns for others. Dubbed “The Great Resignation”, the exodus of workers has created hiring challenges for companies and left millions of jobs unfilled. More than half of U.S. workers surveyed said they plan to look for a new job in the coming year, according to Bankrate’s August jobseeker survey. Some 56% of respondents said adjustable working hours and remote work were a priority. Working women have faced an additional burden, juggling childcare duties, virtual schooling and their careers. So, what does the realignment of the workforce mean for employees and businesses? And what steps should you take before quitting your job?

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The Great Resignation: Why Millions Of Workers Are Quitting


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Responses (26)

  1. Albiorix

    Joe biden is the answer

  2. Tim Smith

    Many companies are not loyal to employees. Why should employees be loyal to companies?

  3. I quit my job back in 2020 because of low pay, mandatory OT, and getting no appreciation or more compensation for working in a full-blown pandemic. Now two years later my old job is hiring for $20 an hour but you know what? They can keep that, you can keep trying to raise the wage but if you still don't treat your employees right nothing will change. You can give out $20 an hour but you can't give me back my time or mental well-being. I am so much happier working remotely AND working 4 days a week with 3 days off. Glad everyone else is finding better too

  4. RK Ortiz

    spoiled are not entitled to anything

  5. Ellwood

    Workplace expectations increase and wages increase negligeably vs cost of living. Also, the rat race is far worse than 30 years ago. I think you have to be open minded and don't settle. Take the leverage away from employers and know your value. Life is too short. My life revolved around work 80+ per week until I had an awakening. I was miserable and the money wasn't going to make me happy. I took back control of my life…and I feel free.

  6. sonya busby

    Not all Doctors and nurses go along with this vaccine mandate, time for much deserved vacation.

  7. Coffee Nut

    Millions of workers are quitting because they’re sitting home on their ass collecting a check from the government that Biden is providing
    For a short period of time.This is how our government takes control………. Socialism. Doesn’t seem to be working out to well!!

  8. Lidia Cantu

    They’re all going to work for Amazon, the company that took their jobs in the first place. The Great Resignation is a result of The Great Reset, designed to benefit the wealthy billionaires who sided with the globalists and to crush small businesses.

  9. Robert McLean

    Because businesses who have a job to offer have become so arrogant, thanks to the internet. They know they can just post a job and get lots of responses. It's insane.

  10. Maxie M.

    Pay a living wage. Simple. How stupid do you have to be?

  11. Plugs for Days

    little money to get by and loving life . Or have more then enough money and hate the shoes you walk in ???

  12. naughty kid

    usa is the biggest waster of gas in the world

    its a big problem

    In its relentless pursuit of oil, the shale industry burns more and more gas into the air. This wasted gas exceeds the yearly demand of nations such as Colombia.

    The rate of flaring in the Permian basin reached a record high in the first three months of this year, averaging 661 million cubic feet per day (MMcfd), according to Rystad Energy. That is more than double the amount of flaring for the same period from a year earlier.

    boycott usa until they stop wasting all the gas we have

    boycott usa today

  13. Tommy Topham

    Here is what's happening companies are not willing to pay what the workers are worth the companies figure fire them or let them go or quit they can hire and train someone for much cheaper the reality thats no longer a viable solution because those same people they want to hire for cheaper need a living wage too and won't settle for sub par pay too guess what no one will do that.

  14. John Fitzgerald

    If you ask me this is an attack on America due to the reasons of others on Disability or because they have disabilities. Now it is true to say that some is faking their Disability and it needs to be re-evaluated by State Doctors. I myself have an Uncle who use to work at the Post Office making about 40k a year. He gave up his job because as he told me "he was tired of getting up and going to work." So he acted like he a behavior problem. Using drugs to contribute to him being schizophrenic and bipolar. After his system became cleaned so their would be no trace in his body he admitted himself to the hospital. They diagnose him and sent him to a mental hospital. Shortly after he was released and started recieving Disability income. My conclusion it's noone fault that you listen to your music so loud that it caused you to go deaf especially when you intentionally done it. American tax payers shouldn't have to bare the burden of people carelessness or laziness.

    "Get back to work!"

  15. Ghazal Yousofy

    It’s only the jobs that pay very little.

  16. J-Watty

    Over the past 10 years, I've worked in IT, taught Computer Science, and worked in robotics/automation. Every single one of these jobs tried to make me work outside the hours that were predefined and then made me out to NOT be a "team player" because I challenged them. Part of the problem is coworkers not having the backbone to stand up for themselves. Quit being passive!

  17. Diaroise

    American’s learned that during covid businesses did not give a crap about their workers! It is what it is.

  18. michael lewis

    But I guess this was always a part of the plan of purging ourselves because if anyone has caught Covid they know that that’s all COVID is

  19. michael lewis

    Because when all that fake ass money dries up and everybody is talking about I better get back to work there want be any jobs available because all the small business will be gone

  20. michael lewis

    People have been dreading going to work but my parents you’re parents parents went to work you don’t work you don’t eat this is going to be a real problem mark my words

  21. Eugene Brown

    And younger people don't take the crap like WE did . Keeping smaller family units helps

  22. Eugene Brown

    And good for her . Balance? Definitely

  23. Live Your Life

    Mostly women are not going back to companies. Can't afford childcare.

  24. rough_cut613

    Hahahaha "I like 60% of my job. For me to stay I want to be paid 40% more for it"

  25. fieldenternamehere

    People are tired of being treated like disposable labor. All people deserve health care, PTO, a living wage, and to be treated with respect. If the job is necessary to society then it should offer the opportunity to thrive not just barely survive.

  26. David Christopher the second

    I am very happy to see people waking up from the nightmare of 9 to 5 jobs, and choosing freedom instead.
    we are finally understanding this statement:
    Happiness is more important than money.