The Most Accurate Buy Sell Signal Indicator in Tradingview | 100% PROFITABLE TRADING STRATEGY TESTED


Today we are testing the The Most Accurate Buy Sell Signal Indicator in Tradingview. This is a highly profitable trading strategy with the best tradingview indicator.So today we are putting it to the test this buy sell signal indicator, the one in this video is free on tradingview and works on forex trading, day trading stock and options, as well as crypto trading.

Strategy inspired by @My Trading Journey and requested by a user in discord.

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In this video we look at the best tradingview indicators out there and it uses the ssl hybrid indicator as well at the qqe mod indicator with the 200 ema indicator to provide accurate buy sell signals to create a very profitable trading strategy. It combines the supertrend indicator along with the parabolic sar and macd to give you the best trend finding indicator. So, this is the claim, I going to backtest it using code. Do I really expect it to get 100% Win Rate. Absolutely not.

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00:00 Intro (very important)
02:05 The 100% Winning Trading Strategy
07:00 The Coded Trading Strategy
19:00 Let’s Test 100 times
10:00 QQE + SSL Trading My Thoughts
11:30 Conclusion

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DISCLAIMER (read it please): Leverage trading is ONLY for EXPERIENCED TRADERS. If you Trade with a BOT from 3Commas on Bybit it does NOT mean you have no risk. You can still lose money if the Bot suddenly gets unprofitable.

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  1. Hey TraderDevs, I hope by the time you have scrolled down you have tickled that LIKE button for me :).

    100% is always a bit much to expect. But The SSL and QQE will be added to "the one" as mixed with others they may make an excellent strategy.

  2. 87.29% net profit with a 40% win rate, stupid question but i’m assuming a 40% win rate is only profitable due to your risk management? also 89% profit in a span of what time? thanks for your research btw

  3. Amazing video thank you for taking the time

  4. try the (boom) indicator in tradingview my little secret

  5. Hi can you share your boilerplate for the sake of community

  6. I have a 100% win indicator – the only subjective part is you have to pick the entry and exit points.

  7. Have you tested with real. Money?

  8. risk management and discipline is most important thing. Strictly following targets and stop losses without getting greedy will always gives benefit

  9. where we can find trading report? have u tested it ?

  10. 100 percent win rate. Lol

  11. The optimiser is NOT free after a while. It needs some subscriptions. Is this TRue or am I not getting it. Cool stuff you got .

  12. I will forever be indebted to you 😇 I was able to build a big income stream during the covid-19 pandemic investing with Mrs. Elizabeth Wesley. You’ve changed my whole life, Thanks so much.

  13. Is there any way to make those signals send email and trade stocks automatically ?

  14. These are great indicators thank you.

  15. Great video! Thank you for doing these. Question though— would you ever consider doing a “10 pip” TP analysis as well? Trying to find a good method for a compounding strategy. Once you have enough $$ 10 pips can be a lot of money 🙂

  16. Trading went smooth for me as i was able to make over $40,000 after I started at $4,000 in just few weeks of implementing trades with signals and insights from 'Mrs Shirley morals' I would advice you all to trade your asset rather than holding for a future based on speculations.

  17. Hello I live here in California, I'm just using this means urge you seeing this to give a try and appreciate me later. I saw your comment and I decided to put this down to let you know about him, He guides me with the exact time frame to trade which I made about $18k after trading alone and I recovered my losses. His strategy is really good i'll highly recommend him to you….

  18. Dont make people fool on youtube .make some good videos on real trading..

  19. Professional traders never put lots of indicators on chart just like it.its a stupid strategy .its never make you mor confused.

  20. Hi david, need a help, how to draw shape inside a table cell? please help

  21. I'm new to forex and I find it difficult using these strategies well. Where can I find a legit broker? than will manage my account and also teach me how to trade.

  22. Hlo sir their is an indicator name solar wind joy in mt4 platform
    Could you pls tell me or make an video how it's works

  23. hi do you have a paid signals
    for 3 Commas


  25. Interesting.. could you use the ADX as a condition for entry on other strategies such as MADC crossovers etc and see if it reduces the false signals

  26. You mention FREE indicators and FREE Discord but all of your links are locked behind a PAID Patreon. Not cool.

  27. Thanks – just sent you an e m a i l 🙂

  28. I think the stopp loss is right below the blue arrow and tp is 1:1 for the 1st f
    Half of the trade. Once hit, move SL yo break even and let it run to the 2nd TP… 2:1

  29. There are some videos that explain this straraegy better. And change the setting for the qqe mod. You n
    Do.not need the arrow to enter the trade. Just the blue line, qqe mod must be also blue and the parabolic sar underneath the candle. The opposite for going short.