The most important thing for Barca is LaLiga NOT the Supercopa vs. Real Madrid – Burley | ESPN FC


The ESPN FC crew preview Barcelona vs. Real Madrid in the Supercopa de Espana, with Craig Burley speculating Barcelona prioritizing LaLiga over this version of El Clasico.

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Responses (27)

  1. Great game. It was a lot of fun 😀

  2. 0:26 Craig: they are there for the money.

    Isn’t the whole football about money now? What a joke

  3. I mean we all know they will quite easily qualify so if they can get a extra cup do it

  4. A good performance will be a fuel for rest of the season

  5. They always say the Real Midfield is 30 plus…. been saying it for 3 years now on ESPN. Casemiro is 29 :/ currently.

  6. The question is by how many goals Real gonna win last wins were scrappy maybe this will a big one

  7. Madrid needs to be careful that these barca players dont injure their players. Remember busquets last year?

  8. All what I want from this clasico abde

  9. RM should not go hard for this cause if a injury happens to Benz's or vini then it could be bad
    For Barca it's their best chance for a trophy so they might go all out
    Probably RM will win if they start strong 11

  10. Xavi : If I can win Laliga I try to win Copa del Rey and Super Copa de Espana 🙁 But I realised we need to face Real Madrid 😭 what a luck 🤞

  11. Barcelona has fallen.since Messi has left.

  12. I think madrid will beat us but what I want to see the character of the team against good teams in important games.

  13. If world cup can happen in Qatar ehy not copa in Saudi

  14. I know Madrid will make signings this summer but this team needs depth in the midfield and defense, I know they have Valverde and camavinga but that’s just enough, I mean Modric is getting old and Kroos is also going up in age and casemiro is near 30, plus they really have no back up for militao and alaba at CB and they need a new RB by now
    Honestly as far as Barca goes they probably won’t make much signings but la masía seems to be coming through again for them in the midfield, and they just have a good core of young of players, but still need better quality players to get at a high level again

  15. As Barcelona fan I am only surprised how real could not win 5-0 against us since 2019

  16. Winning 2 more games will change nothing for any team. It is not a huge pressure

  17. We dont care about these busted superleague starting clubs.

  18. Put 7 in them bums Real Madrid Barcelona Fans is bums cry babies

  19. If Dembele starts off the Bench, then I can see us winning.


    Madrid play with a 4-3-3 With their 1 Midfielder dropping between CB.


    The CBs join the attack very high making a 3-3-4.


    Without The ball, they go with a 4-1-4-1 Formation.

  20. That Penalty in the 3-1 was a soft Robbery.

    Who knows how Bad vardrid will cheat Today.

  21. United should let go of Pogba and Barca Dembele. Both are cancerous to their clubs.

  22. yes, logically, I agree, RM doesn't have a reason to put their best forward BUT logic has no room for good ol' embarrassing your rival. This is EL Clasico, it was an embarrassment for us to go 4 losses-in-a-row, imagine Barca losing 5… yeah… its a big game for us fans.

  23. I hope Fati plays

  24. I mean these guys man were, 2 POINTS off top 3 in La Liga and we know Betis can't hold it up for all season. This is an opportunity for Xavi and Barcelona to win a trophy and probably their only trophy of the season but beating Real Madrid will make a true stamp on Xavi's Barca at the momment and the progress they TRULY are making. So, this IS an important game for Barcelona.

  25. Barca 2-0 Real Madrid
    Turning Point for the season
    1. Dembele, Ansu, and Torres complement each other.
    2. Pedri, Gavi, and veteran Busquet command the midfield.
    3. Ter Stegen reading the newspaper in goal
    4. Arajo's Wall stands firm.
    Barca 🔴🔘💯