The NFT Space Is NUTS.


Pictures of ROCKS are going for the price of THREE Bitcoin!

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Responses (50)

  1. Anthony Pompliano

    You can buy the gear that we are wearing:

  2. Luke Parker

    I couldn't afford an Ether Rock so I bought a BSC Rock instead. 🗿 😃

  3. Mr Bosch

    Why are people buying a bitcoin? Same as NFT's. No yield, no intrinsic value, only 0's and 1's. Tulip mania 2.0

  4. Grass Pitch Street

    My son just send me 3 colourful rocks today.

  5. Spiritual Entrepreneurs

    Hey everyone i hope yall appreciate what I'm about to share in this comment.

    I've mentioned this before, money in general is getting to a point where it won't be a necessity to have the basic needs met and there is a rise of play to earn options which will very much include a lot of real world gaming applications like paintball Airsoft and other Combat Sports and even other creative Sports and games. People are uniting and getting right with nature we're also protecting the animals realizing animals are our friends not food, and the reason innovation of money itself is also good is because there is an endless amount of creativity of things that people can learn create have and experience and then let go when they don't need it anymore and of course we can even include recycling. The traditional economic World Evolution came in the form of network marketing, the evolution of economics and money in general has come in the form of digital currencies, so you can think of it like the world of gaming, where people play to earn credits for extra cool things and since creativity and even customization is endless, we will never run out of things to do and create. It is good that now we have more people working together getting right with nature and treating money as an extra thing for the what I call, extras of life, and not as a Necessity. The basic necessities of all of life has always been divinely and intelligently given to all by natures natural self sustaining design with its plants especially. Paying to live is not what life was meant for, the animal family know this, I mean try telling a free wild animal that they need to pay to live, they're going to fight to the death if they have to lol, thankfully we don't have to do that so there's still much work to do and much more improving to work on. Namaste

  6. Han Sagan

    Arthur Hayes owns one. I’m going to buy a slice when they fractionalize these. It’s the first bonding curve on ETH. I feel like you need to deep dive a little more.

  7. Han Sagan

    wait wasn’t this the first bonding curve project on ETH?

  8. bear2bull

    Theta & Audius ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  9. Juan Rodriguez

    Badass bulls on open sea.

  10. michael lilienfeld

    Buy bitcoin

  11. saminami

    really weak explanation of why bitcoin is better than the rocks

  12. It’s sad that so many are greedy, looking for the quick hit. If all the money going into NFTs, 💩 coins went into BTC, ETH, and a few other top coins, crypto would have already 🚀

  13. Crypto Gold

    Call me strange but I like the rocks.

  14. Titan Of Matter

    That’s worth 2. Change BTC. 🤯🤯They probably got more than that I guess if they are buying the rock.

  15. N. Lucas

    What about Sportemongo #SGO? First Sports NFT Project with big licences, Athletes and a Partnership with a Casino in the States and Chainlink. Application for Sports Betting, AR, NFT will be released in the first Week of September. Have a look guys and dont miss this Gamechanger!

  16. Kal Kali

    NFT = Money laundering

    When you think about it logically, makes sense. Not nuts at all.

  17. Tommy Koed

    Omg, it doesnt get more artificial then this.

  18. Morzine Autotech

    Same like bitcoin

  19. 紳Shen

    I have been wondering about if Quantum computers can be used to hack Blockchain??

  20. Nogardtist

    im an artist and i can make this rock in 30 seconds and if i made it into NFT i would be scammed and be losing lots of money

  21. People have to start realizing the world might reverse engineer utility around already established NFT's. For example, "rock-holders" might get any advantage when doing something, whether that being at a concert, buying something, playing a game, etc.

    We never blamed art for being way too expensive, which literally the only thing you can do with it is sell and watch at it. At least digital collectibles have the possibility of being integrated into something else.

  22. Maverick

    Without naming names in the emerging NFT herosphere, it is blindingly clear that an abundant money laundering aperatus is born. Safe to assume that buyer and seller is often one in the same, whether to feign popularity and drive value momentum, or straight out launder. Impossible to prove. One of the most prominent in pixelated iconography plays has long been a scam. Look at the absolutely implausible turnover

  23. NFT Forest

    This sounded like Peter Schiff talking about bitcoin, either clueless or extremely biased. Actually look at the technology before you write the whole space off as nuts.

    I hope your land deeds are always made out of paper or stored on a government server!!!

  24. Morongo Valley

    When is someone going to put deeds for single family homes into an NFT blockchain then create a derivative market for that?

  25. 2fer one

    Talk about fake rocks 🪨 all you want just don't talk about Axie Infinity 😱💀

  26. The Crypto Bunker

    So the one time you talk about ethereum it's this bullshit ? What a joke

  27. bitcoin daddy

    This next bear cycle will be epic

  28. Israel G

    Seems you still haven't watched that video by Jake Tran on how the wealthy launder money using art 🤷‍♀️ its not about the art most likely

  29. NFT = No fukn thanks

  30. Merrick Sanders

    GME bb

  31. Paul Green

    NFT technology is really powerful and interesting and I think there will be loads of good uses in future but I ain't buying any pictures of Rocks! But if some people want to go at it!

  32. Lifepiphany

    Tory Lanez just dropped and NFT album. Shit is about to get REAL. America is about it. Lmfao. Glad I’m renouncing my citizenship. 🙏🏾

  33. Andy Sauro


  34. Samurai Saint

    I think a crack rock in the hood has more value then the NFT rock

  35. HijoDePutin

    Pet Rocks are back!!

  36. jeff millar

    This conversation dropped my IQ by at least 20 points and it’s was nothing to brag about to begin with…

  37. C Flavourz

    Frothy as f***

  38. Anonymouse 1

    NFT’s are the best way to avoid taxes on your crypto gains … NFT maffia is the real deal …

  39. Collin Pfarr

    I am buying the Lucid motors sadan

  40. Paul joseph

    Nice to see Paulin back!! Bring back lunch money please 😃

  41. Johnny Dunn 💎⭕️

    Pomp you would love VEVE!!! Premium Licensed Digital Assets ⭕️🔥🙌🏼🚀

  42. Alex Paden

    Everything you just said about NFT ticketing is just 1 small piece of what HUMBL Pay is doing.

  43. Liam Watson

    Actually, people are assigning value to rocks…. did they have these conversations when people first started trading with gold? Lol this is great

  44. Suhas Ravi

    Buy crypto petz ,moon coming soon

  45. Liam Watson

    You have to be acknowledging nfts, and what they are, use case etc by acknowledging ethereum and the whole erc20 ecosystem. Congrats pomp you're a shit coiner, glad to have you with us…. leave the maxis to stew in their juice mate

  46. Green Candle Digital

    I'll buy an ETH rock when Schiff buys a Bitcoin lol

  47. Shane M

    You should talk a lot about other stuff outside of Bitcoin. Let's face it, although Bitcoin is great and serves its purpose as the world's best store of value, it's a one trick pony. There's way more exciting projects in crypto to talk about daily

  48. Ruben Mills

    It’s literally because it gets people worked up. It’s a collectors gimmick.

  49. Geraldbrucereum Johnson

    I want your T-shirt pomp

  50. Geraldbrucereum Johnson

    I just don't get it