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  2. Quick question, why do you never mention the futures market?

  3. Great video…by the way, its the white / blue light that is bad on your eyes, very bad… A dark screen prevents blue light.

  4. Excellent. Well done. A comprehensive overview!

  5. I'm new to trading / crypto so thank you for this tutorial. I have a ton to learn but I am a very keen learner! 😊

  6. As a full time investor with over 1mill subscribers, how can you not have a paid version of Tradeview?

  7. Thanks a lot! I have another question, where is the icon for the 38.2%?

  8. Dude you are the best. I have learned so much, from watching your videos. Thanks.

  9. As a beginner trader, I've been looking for a tour of TV for months that easy to follow and not too long. Well done thanks!

  10. Hey guys at 20:30min he used a tool like pencil to draw arrow which is not the brush tool. Anybody know which tool is that?

  11. This helped a lot. Thanks and happy birthday in arias…..

  12. I was stranded yesterday when trying to use trading view. This was my rescue point. Thanks a lot sir, you're truly a blessing to me.

  13. Thanks for another great content ❤️❤️

  14. Tradingview users, how do you fix frozen charts

  15. Thank you so much for this. Appreciate this a lot.

  16. Great walkthrough, clear and concise. If I can understand it, anybody can, trust me! Thank you for your time.

  17. My 1st trade was successful, trading with 15min and confirmation for 5min pattern and rejection , very nice of you

  18. You are so selfless. I appreciate all your effort to help us beginner to learn and earn from forex trading. Thank you very much. ❤️

  19. Thanks for your advice

  20. really great review. It always sounds easy when I watch someone else use it until I sign in myself. this is very helpful!

  21. This was great!!!!

  22. Even thou i am late. Happy birthday and congrats on the 1 mil😄

  23. thank you so much! So well explained !