These NFTs Pay You $57 Per Day in Passive Income!


NFT Passive income. Crypto.
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0:00 Intro
0:30 NFT Dollar Drops
1:10 How to Make $50/day
1:56 Be careful
3:25 NFT profit sharing
4:37 How to tell if a project is bullish
5:23 A new NFT platform
6:17 NFT staking
6:57 NFT mining
7:45 Make $57/day with NFT mining
8:23 NFT renting
9:20 Why I like NFT renting
9:47 Look for these criteria

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Responses (29)

  1. Keith Grands

    Sorry to those who haven't found this channel

  2. intervalz

    I'm sure Max will receive yet another German Innovation Award for coining the term "dollar drops"

  3. Michael Taylor

    Cant get to grips with any of this nor crypto coin is there anywhere go can go to be taught

  4. Will you be a owner of a casino and want profits of it?
    Hop on and join the ride!!!

  5. Connor Walker

    I'm working on my own NFT collection and would like to provide to my holders, a passive income. Does anyone know how to write this into the code? I'm relatively savvy, but have no clue how to write in passive income

  6. Brian Johnson

    I LIKED IT !! So I CLICKED 👍 the LIKE button !! Isn't that what yur supposed to do ??

  7. Axie infinity is a terrible game that isn’t worth your time. Kinda fun having a scholar playing the game for you but then it hurts sending them the percentage you’ve agreed upon and youre left with shit

  8. Budi Agung

    or just get free airdop & wait until that project blowup

  9. NiceThings

    HAHAHA literally laughing at 'apeing'… great video Max noice!

  10. Grinxhyy

    Mafia Dawgs NFT gives 25% of all casino profits to NFT holders!

  11. Dak Dur

    I want to buy these buy Gemini literally has my ETH locked on their platform, says I have a max transaction of 0.2 ETH, when I have far more on there just sitting

  12. Colby Moe

    Wolf of Crypto NFT
    Life changing

  13. Pawel Krzek

    Great video Max! Thanks for sharing with us those NFT projects – I don't know where would I find those investments if it weren't for channels like yours 😉 Have you guys heard about another NFT project called Chikn? You can buy or trade an chicken nft which pays out daily in eggs.. Cheers

  14. 🐈metaverse cool cats🐈

  15. Otto Gar

    Hey max a legal question, i am preparong a nft collectables, and want to add one element from anime naruto, a sharingan eye as a rare trait, it is legal? Or i get in trouble? I saw manny collections with character’s dressed as super heroes, and using elements, but i want to be sure

  16. Fatir Womack

    The nft space not just for millionaires

  17. Cody Joe

    Now here's my big question, how does someone go about creating their own art and selling them to make money? I mean what makes the apes and cats so special? I don't understand any of it but would love to.

  18. Brian Johnson

    MAKE YUR MOM PROUD !! Don't dine and dash ! LEAVE A TIP! click 👍 SHARE 👌👌

  19. A.S. Yadav

    Will nft reduce the profit coming from coins ??

  20. Alexey Zhebit

    9:18 Hello from Minsk!

  21. I dont understand any of that. I know, I am going put out a coin called, "my garbage" then I am going to rent the land my garbage sits on. Then I am going to give free tokens to anyone who takes my garbage out of the house but they have to pay me for placing my garbage on my land. Im not sure where the garbage man who picks up my garbage fits in but i am sure if its a pay to earn game, someone will make money off him as well as the truck he drives to get the garbage to the dump. We will call this a Pay to Earn game. So I should throw my playstation 4 away as well as my 100 inch Samsung tv with incredible graphics to play a low end graphics game with a distorted cartoon player with shitty lag time on my phone???/. Someone help me understand all this stuff.

  22. Treasure Time

    This token shit is also how the pyramid schemes work to scam folks also. Stake your NFT that you got scammed on so you can get these worthless tokens

  23. Alfred Christanto

    Gila ini kontennya.

  24. JoBurgers

    Fs in chat for the late people who are now here

    Hi 👋

  25. Sam Albers

    Literally one of the best videos I’ve ever watched in terms of giving info on the subject. Direct and straight to the point I love it.

  26. MINTCRAFT!!🙌💪💸

  27. Gamblin Mimi

    I love how ppl act like everyone has $11k laying around to blow on an NFT of dumbed down Art of a monkey to try to make $8k more in a year to be in the new wave of investments before the govt figures out how to sock ppl with taxes. I wonder if this is how people were pumped up in the 20s before the big crash & they jumped to their deaths? I mean great video for the billionaire with $11k to spare.

  28. Papapau

    Haha! Why is the $5 per day Axie still part of the earning discussion? I moved to Defina Finance and getting $200 per day and still being improved.

  29. Nicolas Weugue

    Actually I think the project called blockchain babies is the only project I know that can check all the checkboxes he was talking about. Their game block island has real chances to blow up then 👍🏼💪🏼 Good video!!! I know where to buy my nft now 😅