These Upcoming NFT Projects Will Explode | Mech Identity Protocol, Mutant Shiba Club, Tasty Bones


In this video, I cover three upcoming projects, one of which will be a free mint that has a ton of potential. DYOR.

My Twitter:

Mech Identity Protocol

Tasty Bones
Discord: Locked

Mutant Shiba Club
Twitter: Suspended
Discord is locked

My Alpha Discord (Work in Progress):

Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
1:45 – Starting Capital
5:10 – Tasty Bones
7:18 – Mutant Shiba Club
9:26 – Mech Identity Protocol
13:24 – Giveaway


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Responses (14)

  1. Gavin deSoler

    Do you guys like the music in this one or nah?! Let me know below ❤
    Also, we have a giveaway winner, Shawn! Congratulations 🥳

  2. You should check out Cartoon Cartels NFT. Solana blockchain pretty good roadmap, P2E game, comic book, community, factions, free airdrops, sick art. Non of that walmart stuff…

  3. Shubham Mahindrakar

    hey awesome content

  4. Antony Thoppil

    Hey you should check out Cartoon Cartel , they have an amazing community and an amazing roadmap planned for 2022. They also have an upcoming mint on Jan 30th.

  5. mfreebush

    i like turtles

  6. Alfredo Sarvide

    Solana is fast and cheap can't wait to play the p2e from Cartoon Cartel and see the comic books

  7. Hustlers N The Hood

    Amazing video Gavin! Im hoping to buy my first nft in february 💎 keep droppin game bro ✊

  8. Crypto-Madness عبدالرحمن

    Happy that I found you channel. Your channel will become huge soon 😀

  9. cullen Peters

    Great video, u should check out the Cartoon Cartel nft project on Solana. I believe their p2e game is going to be something special!

  10. Himit Pandav

    Love the advice.
    Question: How do you find these projects, are there any websites you recommend for personal research?

  11. Helpful information! Thank you

  12. Iggy Diehl

    Why don’t you start with a low buget on polygon or Solana where the gas fees are very low

  13. Chris Wall

    Love your videos they have very good information on upcoming nfts with high potential.

  14. The Moon Boi