This is a big win for freedom: Barrasso


Sen. John Barrasso urges the Biden administration to focus on the concerns of the American people on ‘The Story.’ #FoxNews #TheStory

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Responses (41)

  1. Tammy Rogers

    Would they be short staffed if it wasn't for the mandated jabs? If they had not fired able bodied workers? Probably not.

  2. Tammy Rogers

    The fact that any American is mandated to be a lab rat for big pharma and government is shite.

  3. Covid Misinformation


  4. Rob Kop

    But, only for large employers. It should be voluntary, for all people. This vaccine is a joke. The data is conflicting. Too many lies, and fuckery going on with the current administration and their owners

  5. Can You Tell Me What People Are Saying?


  6. Tom Mclaughlin

    Dont spike the ball.
    Freedom is still in jeopardy because of weak kneed justice Kavanugh.
    He did not stuff this over reach of government back down there throat.
    He had an opportunity to stand up for Health care providers and got tight at the wrong moment.
    I was always leery of his conviction to stand for freedom in the face of the Regressive party quagmire of cancerous policies.
    When the archaic, barbaric, Medevil abortion issue comes before the court based on his lack of courage in the past his knees will probably weaken and buckle as his fears, doubts and insecurities get in the way of ruling against the cowardice, murderous rampage known as abortion.

  7. Harry Nadeau

    Close the Border!!

  8. Candace Handyside

    I find it interesting that the Supreme Court knocked down the dictator’s vaccine mandates for businesses but not for hospitals and healthcare workers that are getting fired and then having to bring in National Guard to help due to short staffed due to these once great healthcare workers getting fired

  9. rwuyoung

    Health care workers are treated worse than the regular employees. 😡

  10. David Smith

    Nothing is farther from Democracy then a mandate and life time politcians elected to represent us not force us to do things against our will and they need the supreme court to tell them that who do they represent

  11. maynunal

    The propaganda networks are kicking into overdrive to protect Trump and his collaborators. They don't want you to believe what you saw with our own eyes. They want you to forget 149 cops were injured and people died. They want you to think it's all just a joke. Don't fall for it

  12. gabriel Lori

    Thank You Senators for this>>No Mandates My body my Choice!

  13. estacioclan

    Joe Biden and the Democrats are only protecting their political party, not the American people

  14. maynunal

    If so-called moderate Republicans can't vote for the patriotic pillar of democracy that voting rights are, we should stop calling them moderate.

    Preventing more Americans from voting is radical and wrong.

  15. maynunal

    The same Alex Jones who claimed he was asked BY THE WHITE HOUSE to lead the march to the Capitol after the Elipse speech?

    That guy?

  16. maynunal

    Stewart Rhodes spewed anti-government hate for more than a decade. Alex Jones gave him the audience

  17. maynunal

    Dan Bongino is what you get when you have an open bar at a family reunion. 😁

  18. maynunal

    YouTube has suspended and demonetized Dan Bongino's channel for spreading covid information.

    It's a bad time to be a bullshitter. 🤣

  19. Joy Devie

    I'm singing🎶 the 🎼National🇺🇲 Anthem full blast📷 (Whitney Houston's singing lead) out the window🥂🎉 overlooking downtown liberal Los Angeles!! 🤣😂
    Victory Baby!!
    I love🇺🇲 America!! I always🇺🇲 have and 🇺🇲I always will!!🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲
    Mic drop🎤

  20. I’m sure

    California can pick one and suck it! Democrats are dead! No one needs anything they’ve proposed PERIOD! They chose socialism over freedom and want everyone else to pick up their tab, uh no. SIT DOWN CLOWNS!

  21. That In fact, to crack down on Xi Jinping's dictatorship, we must start from the people around him. The corruption, human rights violations and illegitimate gains of all his family members and overseas family members should be made public and sent back to China for the people to judge. Expose his illegitimate children. The same goes for Putin.

  22. maynunal

    A vote against changing the filibuster to pass the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act is a vote against:

    -Making Election Day a holiday

    -Protecting local election administrators

    -Curbing dark money in politics

    -Banning partisan gerrymandering

    -Protecting our democracy

  23. maynunal

    BREAKING: Snake oil salesman Dr. Oz — a Republican candidate for Senate — calls Dr. Fauci a "petty tyrant" who "got COVID wrong" and challenges him to a "doctor to doctor" debate on COVID. RT IF YOU THINK FAUCI WOULD WIPE THE FLOOR WITH THIS HACK!

  24. Steve Smentkowski

    "O" Biden is stabbing his own American people in the back! He is such a ridiculous excuse for a president! He is going to look so stupid later on when the republicans are elected and fix the economy and the border and the un-American shutdowns & mandates and the crime problem and the desire to pick on white people and christens and straight people! We want our country back from these criminal democrats dictating our lives JUST LIKE DICTATORS! Democracy is already gone with these communists saying we are a threat to democracy! NO WINS FOR THE TAXPAYERS! Just Pay! And go away!

  25. maynunal

    "they [Republican's] oppose helping the working poor to earn a decent income, because comfort of the rich depends upon an abundant supply of the poor. "

  26. maynunal

    Republicans hate poor people.

  27. maynunal

    theory: The Rich (the top 1% of the top 1% of the top 1%) is building space colonies in secret!!

    ** a Purge is coming and Covid is just a prep for a more deadly virus

    ** the Rich will just watch from above

    ** the survivors on Earth will become human "spare-parts" for the Rich

    ** Virgin Orbit is one way to launch secret missions without worrying about the MEDIA & Space X will be helping in Building those colonies

  28. Sherry Scott

    It is wrong that the whole mandate not be over ruled. Everyone should have the right to make the decision to have anything put into their bodies with their doctor’s advise. Vaccination does not prevent the spread of the disease.

  29. maynunal

    Republicans are so “pro-life” they’re gonna keep slaughtering Americans by the thousands to COVID so they can win the midterms by promising to stop (and blaming Biden). Unfortunately for them we don’t negotiate with terrorists.

  30. maynunal

    What everyone is leaving out of their analysis is that these forged election certificates were the DUMBEST GUARANTEED TO FAIL IDEA IN THE HISTORY OF DUMB IDEAS

  31. maynunal

    Alex Jones is concerned they will seize his $6.2 million in assets.

    I'm concerned he made that much in the first place.



  33. Jeanette Wells

    This is not a big victory when our health workers got the shaft.

  34. maynunal

    Someone may need to tell Rep. Mo Brooks to stop talking.

    The Republican congressman from Alabama keeps defending himself in court against accusations that he helped incite the Jan. 6, 2021 riot—and it’s not helping the former prosecutor in the slightest.

    The particular defense Brooks has chosen seems aimed at having Justice Department lawyers mount a legal defense for him. He is arguing that his incendiary speech on Jan. 6 was part of his official duties as a congressman, a crusade he continued in federal court on Monday.

    If that is the case, Brooks may have opened himself up to potential removal from office.

  35. maynunal

    One day after his arrest on charges of seditious conspiracy in the Jan. 6 riots, the estranged wife of Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes went on CNN and called him a “complete sociopath.” Tasha Adams announced joy over his arrest and discussed fears for her family’s safety: “I knew I lived in fear he might show up here.

  36. cchanc3

    to me, martha maccallum will always be remembered for one thing…shitting all over ron paul in an interview when he was running for the presidency. i'm not interested in her talking about wins for freedom…ever.

  37. People are tired of the lies and the left using of the virus for control ..they believe they can dictate our lives out of fear as they use every means to steal elections and rule us like communist china.

  38. Chuck Brooks

    It's not a big win you still have hundreds of thousands of people that are being mandated to take an experimental drug that don't even work on the variant that's out now

  39. Anthony Golden

    Only varrint is the TYRANT KIND

  40. maynunal

    BREAKING: The lawyer of the Oath Keepers’ leader reveals that the group’s planning for January 6 “was based on the idea” that “Trump was going to activate them as his militia under the Insurrection Act.” RT IF YOU THINK THAT TRUMP MUST ALSO BE CHARGED WITH SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY!

  41. maynunal

    BREAKING: Rep. Jamie Raskin of the Jan. 6th committee reveals that several insurrectionists dropped personal belongings like cell phones and purses in Pelosi’s office — and had the gall to contact her to ask for them back. RT IF YOU THINK THEIR STUFF SHOULD BE INCINERATED!