Took my barber to Sport Clips *** Watch until the end to see how I fixed it!!***


In tonight’s video, my barber and I go on a field trip to a chain barbershop where he gets a haircut by a 22 year veteran. Check out the results and how I fix it at the end!

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What other challenges should I try? 🤔

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Music by: TavooBeats

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Responses (15)

  1. That was a pretty good cut(not an easy one), nice convo, and you guys gained priceless experience!

  2. i wish there was barbers like you around but im stuck going to sports clips 😂

  3. Why do guys get that horrible bowl cut style in the front. The haircut looks great but that bowl cut style every barber seems to be doing these days is just terrible

  4. 5:24 when you and your homie look at each other and realize y’all are both high af

  5. The Moe haircut

  6. omg you didnt get the MVP? thats the best part!

  7. Where do you cut hair?

  8. Uno más estupido que el otro.

  9. Foo said door dash 😂😂

  10. sheeesh she got down

  11. Hi it’s me Adrian

  12. take a drink every time he says “oh dang” 😂😂

  13. 😂😂😂😂

  14. Sports cuts is good lol