Top 10 Most Expensive NFT Art Sales (So Far)


People are making shocking amounts of money thanks to this crazy new trend! For this list, we’ll be looking at non-fungible token art and collectibles sales, both individual works and limited collections, that have fetched the highest prices as of early 2021. Our countdown includes Nyan Cat, NBA Top Shot, Everydays: the First 5000 Days, and more! Are you planning on investing in NFTs? Tell us why (or why not) in the comments below!

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Responses (42)

  1. Are you planning on investing in anything like these? Tell us why (or why not) in the comments below!

    For some laughs, check out the Top 10 Funniest Botched Art Restorations!:

  2. as a person that puts fire to going outside you make a good standing with things standing still and i f'd cartman's mom yo shes got bags

  3. Doodle Apes Society look so nice. Seen one for 15k..Best of both worlds.

  4. i can just ss it and use it how i want lmao whats the point selling an photo where u can get it for free. what u gonna do with it if u buy it?

  5. i just got all of them for free

  6. crazy investor who spend a lot of money to buying this f*cking nft art. very irrational..

  7. hes's got blue i's like baby jorje

  8. I got them all for free through the power of screenshots.

  9. NFT: not for totallynormalpeople

  10. WTF Am I supposed to do by owning a tweet? this is the stupidest thing ever

  11. can't wait to enjoy my half a million dollar MS Paint jpeg…

  12. I would just screenshot them, but I don't want garbage saved on my phone/PC.

  13. Screenshitted

  14. Nft means npls fscreenshot theNft's

  15. Haha! The nba one is the biggest joke, I'm paying for shit I can see on YouTube. Digital art!? Cool you have a file on a computer, now what?

  16. This just makes me mad…

  17. if we make similar painting like hashmask can we sale it ??

  18. 1:23 this is like those comics made by artists who draw all the faces with the exact same mold
    I say mediocre

  19. 1:00 no, I am sending letters to Microsoft asking them to improve the "save image as" feature

    (I don't know how to improve something like that but I hope they do)

  20. ah yes, 69. Jojo reference

  21. I'd rather be the artist 🎨

  22. Mind if I screenshot?

  23. NFTs suck I will screenshot all of them

  24. You think it’s funny to take screenshots of people’s NFTs huh? Property theft is a joke to you. Even if you save it. It’s my property. You are mad that you don’t own the art that I own. Delete that screenshot.

  25. pocket money spent on nft art Just billionaires bored.

  26. Billionaires just spending money on something.

  27. I am going sell "Despacito" song

    Who wanna bye

  28. Number 3 , YOU ARE CRAZY. You can just find the clip on youtube and crop what you want… WHY WOULD YOU BUY IT for 200000$ ?!?!?!?!?

  29. Would you buy a piece of crypto punks if someone painted it for you?

  30. Screenshitted every frame

  31. NFT is bullshit 🙂

  32. why spend 69 mil when i can download it for free

  33. I will screen shot

  34. the world just gets more ridiculous by the minute 😂

  35. Crazy how these people don’t know about “Save Image as”

  36. Hey guys, I have been researching about nft's the last couple of weeks, and I would like your opinions on this idea…

    what do you guys think about a fantasy world that will be divided in different parts (those parts being separate small online books/stories) and in each part/book there will be an adventure that will contain several characters and maybe even some important objects (like for example the ring in Lord of the rings) and when that story/book releases you will be able to separately buy those characters or objects in the form of an nft

    The same will happen for every story, while every story is a new adventure with other characters in other parts of the fantasy world.

    Let me know your opinions, any feedback is appreciated!!, happy holidays.

  37. Review ANTI-APE Association please

    visuals are insane

  38. I recently found this NFT project Anti-Ape Association , I think they are gonna be like next bored apes, they are gona make people rich.

  39. So you “own” it, but anyone can reproduce it without paying you royalties. Ya sure.
    No Fking Thanks

  40. thank alot dude!