Top 100 Sports Plays of 2020 (Before Coronavirus)


Due to coronavirus multiple professional sport associations seasons being either canceled or postponed for 2020, coronavirus could possibly get worse and get all sports to be canceled this year, so I’ve decided to make the Top 100 Sports Plays of what’s been the first 3 months of this terrible 2020. Now I hope NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, etc don’t get canceled and coronavirus will leave the states soon, but if this is all we have then lets enjoy it. Please comment and debate which plays were better or deserved to be in the list or higher, my knowledge may not be as good as yours and maybe I forgot some plays but this is what I believe is to be the Top 100 Plays of the Year so far……

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Top 100 Sports Plays of 2020 (U.S)

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Y’all stay safe out there and wash your hands!


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Responses (31)

  1. Raf Productions

    Wow Top 100 plays for 100,000 views

  2. LowerTerror

    American sports highlights

  3. This just makes me amazed at what the human body is capable of with all of the crazy plays this video shows! It's amazing and thank you for uploading to show what greatness one can achieve!

  4. Ty Haas

    Bruh you do know that covid started in 1019

  5. mrlaocee

    I love Soccer why is Soccer not in there

  6. Becky Giles

    My favorite was the first one: ZION WILLIAMSON

  7. Torin O'Connor

    Technically not before covid it’s called covid 19 started in 2019

  8. Torin O'Connor

    2020 best plays only after covid

  9. Torin O'Connor

    Needs to be an after covid vid too

  10. dragoș

    where are the football plays?

  11. DefinetlyNotOwen

    #61 should have been WAAAAAY higher…

  12. Sam Plano

    I believe the correct title for this video is, "Best NBA and NFL Plays Of 2020", to much basketball and football bud, nothing against the sports in general bc every sport needs a certain type of talent, but I also believe there's other sports in the U.S.

  13. Jeff Van Blommestein


  14. sandee1016

    You put to much basketball plays

  15. Dr_Allstar21

    Any second of the NHL is better than these basketball highlights

  16. David Marcantel

    these are literallly top 100 basketball plays

  17. TheMaster of Puppets

    I think there were too many basketball plays

  18. Daily Oscars

    Good video editing skills man !!! Nice Sport Moments – Continue Uploading !!!

  19. Danny Moreno

    This should just be called the Aaron Gordon, Patrick Mahomes and Tennessee Titans top 100.

  20. Needed more NBA.

  21. GTA Stunts MasterCreater

    Someone is a Shitty zoin fan geez the first 5 was at last 3 of them was him and I stop watching

  22. Ethan Stanley

    That jazz guy played the best defense bruh

  23. Top Sports Highlights

    Keep up the good work!

  24. Visit Qeshm

    number 1 is all about 2020

  25. Jacob Lara

    Let’s face it the day Gobert and Tom hanks got COVID was when everyone started talking it seriously

  26. Motion Man

    gee your title is incredibly false. it should say top 100 sports plays of the first 3 months of 2020

  27. No can call say lockdown defense abiut a player againm Rudy Gobert has held all the players in the league single handedly to 0 points.

  28. The Machine

    Good production You have inspired me to work on my channel, thanks. 🐼

  29. Poseidon

    How did Watson’s raider eye kick play not make it