Topps MLB NFTs Explained (Should You Invest?) | MLB NFT Pack Opening!


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This video covers Topps MLB NFTs.

I’ll cover the MLB Topps Release, MLB Topps NFT Cards, MLB Topps Market, MLB Topps Standard Pack Opening, and MLB Topps Premium Pack Opening

0:00 Intro
0:18 Topps MLB NFT Overview
1:49 Topps MLB NFT Release Site
1:58 Topps MLB Marketplace
3:11 Topps MLB Individual Card Breakdown
4:49 Topps MLB 4-20 Release and Drop Issues
5:52 What MLB Topps Packs I got
7:15 The Best Site to Monitor Topps MLB NFT Marketplace
8:03 Standard Pack Opening
9:28 Topps MLB NFT Premium Pack Opening #1 (Mind Blowing Prices)
11:31 Topps MLB NFT Premium Pack Opening #2 (LOL Prices)
14:07 My Topps MLB NFT Strategy for Infinite ROI
15:03 Topps MLB NFT Market Update
15:40 Risks of Investing in Sports NFTs

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Responses (10)

  1. Invest with Davis

    Update: It seems that the Topps MLB Series 1 Packs were a one time drop, I thought they would do multiple releases similar to NBA Topshots but that is not the case. The best play would have been to hold all of the premium packs as they are now going for $650 each and likely rise. The individual cards values from the video are way different as those prices were probably too far ahead of their time, however I've been able to sell cards I don't care about for $175 or nearly 80% of my initial investment. Almost all cards are now trending upwards with the total value of my remaining cards at around $1,200. This leaves me at a 625% ROI, not bad!😎

  2. p sanders

    Topps is now on its 3rd MLB NFT release. 1 on was 2021 series 1 and 2 on Toppsnfts with Inception and series 2

  3. Premier League WIFFLE

    How's your collection doing now? We're just getting into NFTs and seeing how everything has played out since April.

  4. Nice video, Davis! I'm trying to educate myself on the NFT space, this is def helpful 👍🏽
    Having rights to Topps/MLB is huge, curious what other big plays the WAX Blockchain may have in store. Any thoughts on Ecomi/Veve platform? Seems they've secured some interesting partnerships as well, such as DC, Cartoon Network, Star Trek, and others. Wonder if this could pop leading up to Comic-Con 👀

    Oh and just quick feedback on the vid- seem to only be getting audio from one side. Maybe just my headset but thought I'd mention just in case. Keep up the dope work 👍🏽

  5. Daniel Braun

    So cool to see Topps getting into the NFT space. Nice video man!

  6. asianamericanlegalfocus

    I'm not into buying baseball cards but this was an informative video!

  7. Trish Lee

    Thank you for the Davis, although I'm not into this kind of thing! Well made, have a great day!❤

  8. Joon Kwon

    ooof… first mistake- opening the pack

  9. Stocks With Matt

    Haha I remember when I was super into baseball cards. Love the diversity of videos with this one Davis!

  10. Thomas M

    The answer to the question in the title is "No," in case anyone is wondering.