Topps NFT 2021 Series 1 Baseball Pack Opening! Trying Out the Brand New Digital Product. HUGE Hit!


We’ll we are heading to the Matrix with this one! Our journey takes us to cyberspace with the new Topps Digital NFT Trading Cards, or something. Let’s just get right into it and “rip” some packs!

As always thank you all for stopping by The Card Dojo!

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For the still photo version of my journey see the Gram…

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Very Clever Email because someone beat me to it…

So I don’t get sued for money I need to buy cards…
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Responses (18)

  1. The Card Dojo

    In a rush as always I got the wrong title 🤦‍♂️

  2. jroughrider

    I'll stick with cardboard.

  3. Invest with Davis

    Nice, I was able to get the Epic of the Acuna Jr.

  4. Shelly Zura

    That was really INTERESTING! I much rather the cardboard. I don’t like how the all just pop up at the same time! Where is the suspense in that? Lol

  5. Gameday Legends

    Great video brotha, and thanks for sharing your digital packs! Not for me, but will be here supporting your channel, and can’t wait to see what you get in the future

  6. Calvin Wu

    What exactly is the crafting? Thx!

  7. Sticks G

    Cool idea, wish you had to click each card, or they did a slideshow, I agree it's kind of anticlimactic. Crazy money they are asking for the Acunas lol.

  8. A lot of these images resemble the 2021 Topps Opening Day physical sports cards.

  9. Hoss of Cards

    Not for me, but interested in learning about it for sure through you dude! I figured the Acuna would be a solid pull, cool seeing some Yanks hits for you! What are you planning on doing with these other than sell? Later dude!

  10. ZiggyNo

    Thx for sharing.
    I love them. I bought packs and was going to save them. I was going to make video too and nope I binge ripped them all! 🙂 I really like them. Nothing epic or game changing, but I am liking NFTs and WAX. Hope you do more. Did you check on the challenge?

  11. Jay Thorpe

    This drop was an absolute disaster. Both Topps and Wax sites went down. Check out Twitter…Thousands of unhappy customers charged multiple times and no cards. Tremendous failure. And women selling cards, just wait till you try to convert your wax token and get hit with $80 Etherium gas fee…what a joke!

  12. DC Cards

    Fire vid 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. Kevin's Budget Card Breaks

    I'm going to be honest, all of this non-fungible stuff is really weird to me. I'd like to make money, but I thought the entire point of cards was that they were tangible.
    Also, get off my lawn, young whippersnapper. Haha.

  14. Sports And Hype

    Interesting. Not something I'm going to jump into, but ill definitely watch you on this new adventure for you! I hope your good luck continues!

  15. Joey The Collector

    I like cards you can taste and smell lol.

  16. Duzk Beats

    Crazy. Im not ready for this yet 💀💀💀
    Great pull tho!! I hope they make it so you can click each card 1 by 1. Maybe have the option to show the whole pack or 1 by 1..

  17. Raven Invest

    C'mon one more lol sweet pull on Acuna. Looks awesome but still on the fence with the NFT thing. Think I'm just waiting for NFL version. I'm sure that will change my mind.

  18. TommyTX

    I like it they only thing is, they need to work a lot on the presentation of the packs 🤟🏼 I wanna try 👀😂