Trading Technologies – Replacing a C++ front end application with high performance JavaScript


Four years ago TT embarked on a complete re-write of its flagship platform, with the goal of building a foundation to allow for rapid innovation while maintaining the highest level of performance, stability, security and accessibility. TT adopted JavaScript/HTML5 as the language of choice for all customer-facing applications and recently launched TT Desktop, a multi-monitor application that delivers the highest levels of performance for their most demanding customers. Learn how TT’s multi-process, multi-threaded JavaScript front end manages the extremely heavy load of financial market data while maintaining UI responsiveness at all times, and how TT plans to evolve the application to raise performance even higher.

About Rick
As CEO of Trading Technologies, Rick inspires and guides TT’s vision, collaborating across all levels to drive technology innovation. Rick first joined the company when TT acquired the firm he cofounded, TickIt Trading Systems. At TickIt, Rick was the architect of ADL®, the trading industry’s first visual programming platform, which is now fully integrated with both the TT and X_TRADER® platforms.


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Responses (3)

  1. People are using node, python at backend and complaining about scalability.

  2. Question is what is the backend stack being used here?

  3. Yes this is a pretty stable version of Windows. I just saw web version of Linux.

    Igen ez alkalmazás elég stabil Windows változat. Linuxba még csak web változatát láttam.