TradingView: How To Place Trades And Connect A Broker (Tutorial # 1)


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In this video, Steven shares some advanced structure trading techniques for the Forex market and a few key steps to building a Forex trading strategy.

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He became a self-made professional trader at 20 years old. Today he is the “Honest Trading Coach” to hundreds of thousands of traders around the world.

He is the founder and CEO of The Trading Channel.

For over 9 years Steven has studied the science of trading and psychology. This combination allows him to not only be an incredible trader, but a very understandable teacher as well.

He has developed numerous rules-based trading systems and strategies that are used by top traders around the world.

Today, Steven is on a mission to help 1,000 traders become independently profitable over the next 12 months. Will you be one of them?


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  2. Hey there, can you please explain the difference between (Market – Limit – Stop) orders.

    thanks for your outstanding content, it's really helpful.

  3. Thank you for this video. How do you get that green and pink box where the TP and SL are set ?

  4. Sir, Thank you so much. Can you do a tutorial on Tradingview, for small account. For example, if you have $200, how to place a first trade. Your channel is the best!! Trust me.

  5. sir, i want to do the real trading in GBPINR on trading view. …how? please tell me

  6. Are any of the available brokerages offering zero dollar trades similar to Robinhood?

  7. Bro love from indiaaa

  8. MT is one of the worst pieces of software I have ever seen. Unbelievable that people trust a software this bad when it comes to trading with real money

  9. Tradingview isn't free I literally payed a yearly free on blackfriday so cheaper

  10. Does trading view not support KOT4X or Hanko? If not do you know if there is any broker's that have similar charts?

  11. 馃憜馃徎馃憜馃徎馃憜
    I lost hope getting my scammed investment funds withdrawn but I was able to access all with the help of the name I鈥檓 putting above.
    Thanks so much to them.

  12. Nice, but I stick to MT4 with EagleFX

  13. My man rea艂ly spent like 6 minutes recognizing how underrated of a recovery is. Respect 馃挄#dahcyber appreciated

  14. Thanks for the video, I happy with your presentation. One thing that I noticed was your stop loss amount of 18 was more than 15 of profit. How much does each pip gained worth?

  15. Nobody explains how to open multiple positions? All it does is adding to the one and only current open position instead of creating another position.

  16. I have always learned from your videos

    But this video was not useful. It was fast and superficial

    It could be shorter and more comprehensive

  17. Can you please make a video of how to read the trading panel, how to read your logs to understand which trades went through and which ones got cancelled etc(connecting forex account)

  18. This is great! Could you do more videos like this, particularly in which you explain how to navigate Oanda with Tradingview? I'm just learning and practicing right now, but I can't even find an option for seeing my profits/losses.

  19. can i download and use it in iraq?

  20. Some reason i just don't get this. I am at the trading view and don't know what to do next. i have a demo account set up but dont know how to start learning to do it..Im sure your video is good im just lost.

  21. What if i wanted to up my lot size?

  22. Very very helpful. Thank you 馃槉

  23. I am confused Why trading view is updating prices so slow ,,,I often see it鈥檚 over 15 minutes late compared to other platforms ,..can I change that?

  24. Do I need a broker to trade on Tradingview? Or can I just use my own cash. Also what is the difference between TradingView and Forex? It seems like they are more or less the same…

  25. Who are the best brrokers?

  26. Forget trding view, i want to know what those triangles are n his chart?

  27. Whats the difference between this and trading on binance for free?

  28. hello.
    Your channel is amazing and helped me a lot with my demo account . thank You for Your hard work to teach us .just a question by the way : trade value disappear in order panel in tradingview . is anyone have the same? use to be there yday but not anymore. thanks again

  29. How you use or change the leverage in the trade with tradingview . I work with etoro now and per trade you can make a choice for your leverage. Any help for tradingview ?

  30. He sounds like conor McConaughey

  31. i am a complete begginer and have watched all your videos that i can find you have changed my life ass far as where i go from here. i would like to know the difference between market,limit,stop. and i am on a mac book so struggle with the right click , looking left, zoom in and out etc. do you have other guys starting out just raw as hell like this or is it a have to buy a desktop situation.