Tradingview Platform Review after 3 Years Usage


Hi this video is for anyone wanting to learn more about the features available in Tradingview and to explain my experience as a user for about 3 years. In the video I rated Tradingview in 5 different categories and followed up with the average of those ratings to give it a final score. I tried to give many practical examples of where it shines and where it falls short, as well as some basic usage to give newcomers a better idea. As you evolve as a trader it’s normal to require different tools to facilitate your process. In my case I do not use Tradingview for the vast majority of my trading however I still use it to see bigger context and get quick quotes. It is very important that you understand where Tradingview shines and where it does not so you can determine if it will suit your needs.

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Tradingview Subscription guide

Tradingview Keyboard shortcuts

Tradingview for market context

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00:01:41 What is Tradingview?
00:02:40 Performance and Reliability
00:03:45 Beginner/User Friendly
00:04:47 Basic usage of the platform
00:08:16 Charting features
00:10:10 Where these charts shine
00:11:22 Scanning functionality
00:13:42 Broker/Trading Integration
00:15:23 CQG data integration
00:16:08 Community around Tradingview
00:17:25 Market data
00:19:43 Workflow and conclusion

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Responses (13)

  1. Jim Gasson

    If you’re Trading with Trading View, your data is incapable of allowing you to see important information which translated means you’re trading with an enormous disadvantage. You don’t know what you don’t know.

  2. agree with everything you reviewed, for beginners it is a good starting.. for technical analysis. Good cover ! thanks

  3. Can you make the charts themselves look better/identical in Sierra to how they look in Tradingview?

  4. Bjorn Johhanson


  5. Captain Price

    lighspeed is good if u got big account

  6. Captain Price

    For trading platform execution i would use alternatives but for charting its good enough

  7. Captain Price

    I like tradingview bc it got every indicator i use and best time to get it is now Black Friday

  8. Laurent Bouchard

    Very on point and right on time video. Great stuff. Affiliate or not.Thanks!

  9. Trader Krusty

    Chris, which paid plan do you use? Pro+?

  10. Trader Krusty

    Too bad Sierra Charts doesn’t have a discount for Black Friday.

  11. Trader Krusty


  12. Breeze For

    they also recently added a heat map for stocks (and crypto), great feature imo

  13. Captain Price