Tradingview subscription guide 2020-21


Let’s compare the different subscription options and the features associated, the goal being to find the most value. If you had questions about the different pricing plans Tradingview offers, this video might answer some of your questions, in 11 minutes or less. No matter if you are an experienced user or just getting into it. Pro vs Pro+ vs Premium.

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Tradingview keyboard shortcuts

How to Trade a Small Account (Best Products, Leverage, Considerations)

How I use Tradingview to help understand market context

Screen layout 2021 (Jigsaw, Tradingview, Sierrachart)

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Responses (32)

  1. How to contact their customer service ! I bought their 5 indicator per chart subcription and I was billed for it, but it did not activatd on my current free tradingview account ! Thanks !

  2. bro, 3:23 how did you manage to switch charts per tab so quickly? i.e. is there a hotkey for a tab to switch from 4 charts per tab to 8 charts?

  3. I just want to ask if it’s worthy to get the PRO plan or should I just stay on the free one? Please and thanks

  4. Vlad Tenev is that you?

  5. What does premium do? Is it the same as pro plus? What is with the one second charts?

  6. Man, you are the best, so clear I am about to buy the pro+ in 2021 black friday to share with my brother!! Gracias !!

  7. Nicely done, Thank you!

  8. Happy Thanksging everyone…

    Any one here that bought 2019 or 2020 offer? Please advise if you were able to "top it up" with the last year or this year's offer? I mean like… We won't be force to wait for the end of the free month(December) to buy the full price subscription?

  9. Thank you Chris. I think I'll sign up for Pro+ after watching your video and take advantage of the Black Friday offer. I already have a free account. Which link should I click so you get rewarded?

  10. Welcome back everyone 😂

  11. what platform ur using to get the real and shorter chart please? you said Premium is way to much and ur using an alternative chart to achieve it. i would appreciate if u could send us the link too. ur explanation was amazing. thank you

  12. Update it soon when occurs again

  13. Precisely structured with awesome explanation! Thank you so much!

  14. My main decision to make is between Tradeview and LonghornFX, both seem good but Longhorn seem to have better features like same day withdrawals.

  15. Great video!! Thanks!

  16. Nice work here man!

  17. why we can't use tradingview website more than one month

  18. I can not make my payment on trading view it gives me 10002-account is restricted

  19. bro, can you link Trandingview with IB ?

  20. thanks for the video. Just some quick questions for the pro… are the chart movements live? or is there a lag to real time? Can i get a candle bars with the pro? couldnt manage to get candles on the free version

  21. Thank you for your review, this helped me in making my buying decision.

  22. Hi I'm new need ur advice
    I have interactive broker account and real market data subscription. Now I'm thinking to open trading views pro membership for charting analysis . My question is….. do I need real market data subscription in both platform (trading views and interactive broker ). Or just need real market data plan in one platform. Which one is more important to have real market data such as charting software or main trading platform. Or need market data in both charting & broker platform.
    I'm confused as I'm new and learning.

  23. Does this sound familiar to anybody: After I place an order, it gets filled in about 8 to 10 seconds. I use tradestation as a broker and place the orders over tradingview. Needless to say, there is no way you can do daytrading like that. I have a high-speed internet connection and a fast computer. The only thing is that I don't have a pro-account. Could that be the reason? I don't know how to contact tradingview since they don't have a support line nor an email address to send questions to.
    Appreciate any information on this

  24. hmm is there a way to view a certain time range in say 1 day interval? i.e. look at 6 months but in daily interval…can't seem to find this basic function on tradingview…

  25. Roses are red violets are blue if you give a like God will forgive you 0:22xx.

  26. I make huge profits on my investment since i started trading with mrs Mary Clinton , her trading strategies are top notch

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  28. Keep in mind to be prepared for regular pricing after the promo period. Premium will come with a Premium price.

  29. Hold on…on IB canada, if we have less than 25k USD in our account, we can only make 3 day trades max per 5 business days??! I was just looking at this on Google and saw it.. 😔. Is it true? I have the 2k minimum in my account but that's all. I always thought that with a margin account we have unlimited day trades.