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  1. How do u cancel the free 30 day charts

  2. Thanks!! Huge Help

  3. Thank you for this tutorial

  4. full featured chart does not appear . thanks Avi

  5. Hello
    I signed up. However I can't get full accesss. Can you help?

  6. can i use trading view to trade crypto in the united states? can't seem to find any information on that. any information about that?

  7. Hi when i click on the link you have provided I do not see any free account option.

  8. This was very helpful

  9. The basic plan is gone theres only pro, pro+ and premium for me

  10. Thanks like previous guys have said, this video was very simple straight forward & easy to understand.

  11. Your teaching was clear and concise! Please make more videos. Thank you!!!

  12. This was very helpful. Im going to search to see if you have a tutorial on how to use the tools in the basic version. New subscriber. 😊

  13. This was excellent. Well done and thank you.

  14. Great Video….very informative for a beginner.

  15. That was awesome man…thanks a lot!

  16. Can you do a video on how to use the tools when you are drawing lines on high peaks/low peaks to show Elliot Wave etc.? I am new to this.

  17. Yes, I love it. Thank you.

  18. What's the first background song??

  19. thank you for best explanation. it was really fun

  20. Greetings good sir! Huge fan here! I have a small request. In Tradingview how do you go about setting an alert in the crypto screener for the Oscillators? When it changes from buy to neutral. Or buy to sell etc? Thank you!!!!

  21. Thank you very easy to follow and setup my chart to look just like yours… great video TY

  22. Can I use Tradingview on a Mac?

  23. Thank you, thank you, excellent, excellent!