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  1. The Moon

    $200 FREE Here 👉 http://bit.ly/MoonBybit 👈
    Tradingview Link: https://tradingview.go2cloud.org/SH2gX

  2. El-Crypto

    love you man

  3. Troy Moss

    Didn't Even talk about the Ribbon cap😂

  4. Lucky W

    This is so helpful! Thank you!!!

  5. david ciavucco


  6. Nikita Poliakov

    They added saving templates to premium account… crap

  7. Cris Cristler / Van Dort

    do you have any vids on ta?

  8. so annoying and ripetitive voce and not trusting voice dislike

  9. Utah Ski Storage & Delivery

    Thank you!!!

  10. Concerned Citizen

    Purple and Yellow are opposite colors.

  11. Toro tero

    amazing tutorial

  12. Derrick Muturi

    Epic tutorial on pro charting with Trading view. Would be great to create a play list of how to read the indicators, but again, we need to tune in daily 🙂

  13. Crypto Ali

    you have taken the time to produce this very useful video… respect to you

  14. test account

    thanks bro learning a lot from your videos always daily content you are the bitcoin price himself


    Carl I am gonna watch all your videos and will see you in Dubai !
    You are the best!

  16. mbadiugha victor obinna

    what is the name of this trading view

  17. shamellah

    Thanks Carl exactly you nailed it

  18. Mataphysics

    whats the best getting started video for beginners ?

  19. Ry Andy

    Great Vid Man. Taught me so much this. 👍

  20. Fabianne Chuster

    This tutorial is amazing!!! Thx, Carl!!!

  21. Logan Luca

    I wasn't actually expecting my profit from Austin today.too good to be true but I just earn from Austin platform….

  22. EMANUELE Cuscuna

    can you please tell us in a video how the indicators work?

  23. Jeff Qu

    This is a very useful video for beginners. Thank you.

  24. MJ gets Weird

    I'm watching all over your old videos. Thanks for everything, Carl!! Great tutorial!! <3

  25. Great my friend

  26. Shy Town

    Thank you so much for this video !!! Very educational (especially for a newbie like me). I really really appreciate it 😁

  27. Adnan Khan

    Very Help you video. Thank you!

  28. Shadowjacker

    my volume indicator isn't showing up

  29. Kimiti Mureithi

    you gave away so much value in this video, but the fact that you ended by saying "if you are not interested in crypto then maybe some other channel is going to be better for you" is so honorable, my respect for you is bullish!

  30. pablo42700

    Carl, I follow you since 1month ago aprox. and love your TA videos. This vídeo in particular is just fantastic and extremeña helpfull. Greetings from Spain

  31. Jupiter Bullish

    Any update or is this your same trading setup

  32. Karen Law

    Awesome tutorial, many thanks 😁

  33. Great courses, thank you so much!

  34. Vibhav Nigam

    Thanks for the great work, Carl.

  35. Riki-oh Lanna Siam

    This is AWESOME! I'm new to this game and this help me out ALOT! Thank you sooooo much! 😉

  36. Jeremy Miller

    Great tutorial! I have been watching your videos since 2017. keep up the great content.

  37. Liam David

    Wow, this was fucking amazing for a free tutorial and on a free account. Thanks heaps

  38. ahmed abas

    How to fix the scale ratio in tradingview chart for gann fan

  39. Digital सलाहकार

    Please Make A Video For New Traders… When to take a trade… And exit from the Trade…

  40. no te sigo, te conozco por Chris. Pero este video me ha gustado. I don't follow you, I just know u because of Chris. But I've loved this video. Make me follow u my friend!!