TradingView Tutorial – Master TradingView in under 30 Minutes!



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Complete TradingView Tutorial for beginners and traders new to the charting platform.



[01:00] – How to set up a Trading View account
[03:00] – How to open the charting section of the Trading View website
[03:14] – How to change the chart options & settings
• How to change chart type (candlesticks etc)
• Candle Colours
• Chart colour and background
• Time zones
• Trading options
• Change cursor type
[05:07] – How to read the current market price
[05:59] – How to change the time frame & zoom in and out on the chart
[07:13] – How to scroll back on the chart & sync time when scrolling and viewing different time frames
[07:52] – How to use drawing tools and studies & use different drawing settings
• Lock chart (drawings etc)
• Make drawings hidden
• Stay in drawing mode
• Magnet mode for drawings (weak and strong)
• Plot potential trades
• Undo drawing
• Drawing visibility
[11:41] – How to use the ruler tool
[12:34] – How to add indicators to a chart
[14:00] – How to use chart layouts (chart templates)
[15:44] – How to find and view different markets
[16:34] – How to arrange the charts over one or more screens
[17:23] – How to connect your Trading View account to your broker account
[18:05] – How to enter a trade within Trading View
[19:51] – How to view your open and pending positions within Trading View
[20:37] – How to add stop loss and take profit levels & how to close a trade
[21:49] – How to view your past trade details within Trading View
[22:11] – How to set market alerts
[24:19] – How to add text notes to a chart & how to use the general notes feature
[25:20] – How to use the replay feature
[26:48] – My thoughts on Trading View
[28:13] – How to use my affiliate link
[28:35] – How to clear Trading View cookies in Google Chrome
[29:08] – How to clear Trading View cookies in Safari

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Responses (32)

  1. Disciplined Trader

    Hi Traders! I have made an updated video for TradingView that you can watch here –

  2. callen brad

    @Discipline Trader, . Do you how to display last year (historical) data as a form of candle stick chart? I want to study past 12 months candle stick chart (2020) and compare it to this year 2021. Thanks

  3. August Oliver

    Great video!

  4. Noel Borg

    Do you use the scanning feature at all.

  5. Bob johnson

    do you think it's worth it to get the Pro or Pro plus? I'm not sure what indicators to use

  6. brian millar

    A white screen and a small white mouse. How do you follow this?

  7. charles barnham

    i am a new to trading and trying to learn how to get familiar with trading view site. i found your tutorial very fast and not a step by step learning curve-

  8. Scott Mciver

    brilliant video. what broker do you recommend for someone in the UK?

  9. K Moore

    Absolutely great tutorial. For beginner, must watch 10/10

  10. Mickey Flanagan

    is there a way to enter a trade quickly right on the chart? Like, mouse trading or at least one click execution? Thanks

  11. diamond mind

    this is an excellent review and super well explained. youre a great teacher

  12. diamond mind

    amazing thank you so much

  13. Tommy Harris

    TradingView is a load of crap. Too messy and you need to know programming skills

  14. CaFe riDer

    Bro i have some issue in my tradin view regarding to symbol

  15. This can't possibly fail


  16. Scott Mciver

    can I use this for buying crypto in the UK? can I use this with coinbase (as a wallet) ?

  17. alesiosc

    hello. could you tell me how to add a text/text block typed on one chart, to all my charts in my watchlist please. i would be so grateful.

  18. Mehdi Taba


    Hope you're having a good time.

    I have a question!

    Suppose I, as a weekly swing trader, set the chart on logarithmic option and draw a parallel channel or a trend line from the past to the present. For example, a year and a half ago until now.

    If we say that a weekly swing trader should not go to that long past, that is short-sighted, because a valid parallel channel is a parallel channel in which the price has fluctuated many times and a line of resistance comes from the past.

    My question is when we set the chart on logarithmic mode and then we came to the present, do we have to switch to arithmetic (linear) or not?

    What should we do if we switch to arithmetic (linear) mode and our parallel channel or trend line gets distorted or out of shape and shows us a wrong result?

    Thanks in advance.

  19. Dixon Max

    How to enable drawing mode in Full scree mode? (P.S : I'm using Free trial)

  20. Theunis Fourie

    Hi, great tutorial. I have been trading Crypto on TradeingView demo for some time now. Seem to have a grip on it and want to go live. I'm having a hard time finding a broker to link to TradingView. All the brokers recommended by TradingView give bad reviews on staying logged in. Who do you use and what do you suggest for me? If any of your subscribers can help that would also be good. I really like TradinView and trade scalping on 1 minute crypto. Reset account balance to $500 and can build to $5,000 in no time time after time. I suppose it will change when I go live ?? Thanks, Derick

  21. Theunis Fourie


  22. Crypto Khan

    3:14 – How to change the chart options & Settings
    4:09 – Chart Colors
    4:23 – Time zones
    5:08 – How to Read Current Market Price
    6:00 – How to change chart time frame
    6:45 – How to zoom in/out on the chart
    7:14 – How to scroll back on the chart
    7:35 – Sync Time when scrolling & viewing different time frames
    7:52 – Drawing tools, studies & use different drawing settings
    10:35 – Magnet feature
    11:11 – Drawing visibility to time frame
    11:43 – Ruler tool
    12:36 – How to add indicators
    14:02 – How to chart layouts/templates
    15:45 – How to find & view different markets
    16:35 – How to arrange the charts over one or more screens
    17:24 – How to connect your trading view account to your broker account
    18:05 – How to trade within Trading View
    19:52 – View open & pending positions
    20:37 – How to add stop loss & take profit levels (modify trades)
    21:28 – How to close a trade
    21:50 – View past trades
    22:12 – Set market/price alerts
    24:19 – Add text notes to a chart
    25:21 – Replay feature
    27:15 – Trading View Drawbacks

  23. Alx Woods

    Anyone peep btc at 5k 😭

  24. Jesse Loxton

    Can you screen the say 50 largest cryptos by market cap and compare their performance since 1 June compared to ETH

  25. rufdymond

    I’ve always looked at this software and it looks really comprehensive – but I really wish they had a wider selection of brokers to choose from.

  26. on this flatform where and how do we know that you win the trade????

  27. jean lenor

    How do I set Bollinger for 2 minutes trade?

  28. Ralphael Confer

    Will you do a video on placing a trade on the updated version of tradingview? I presume you have an account with one of the affiliate brokers.

  29. Kalana Gamlath

    Anyone know how to draw a circle using trading view?

  30. DrakenKin

    Severely outdated, most things shown here are not there or named something else.

  31. A great video and a great place to start. Thanks

  32. Marty Sammon

    Thanks DP – am in Australia, and was alerted to TradingView by an Aussie you tuber which was also great. Am having a bad run at day or short trading, and need some discipline and method. Have subscribed and look forward to more ideas.