Tucker takes on Satanic Temple


The Satanic Temple’s Lucien Greaves describes what an after-school club offers children on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’
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Responses (48)

  1. Margie buchanan

    No wonder our country, failing, Satan Clubs God help us

  2. Dennis Thomas


  3. This isn't about FREE SPEECH! This is about exposing children to perversions! I am not even religious, and I find this disgusting. If you don't, you clearly see children as tools to be manipulated and exploited just like liberals do. Since liberals will obviously love this idea, make sure the group goes after their pets first. You know, for the sacrifices. Satanism is an anti-religion, so it technically can't claim any religious exemptions. This is all too stupid.

  4. Dale Smith

    Satanism is not a religion.

  5. jhon dhoe

    Welcome to the Democrat world, this just makes sense, America is about to end anyway, this is a 100 times better then CRT anyway

  6. Tucker is avoiding the curriculum because it is quite good.

  7. FraterMerovius

    The Satanic Temple is, by and large, trolling people, and Tucker took the bait, hook, line, and sinker. Way to give them far greater exposure than they might ever get otherwise.

    If anyone does their homework with regards to the Satanic Temple, they will find that they are a bunch of secularist atheist types who wrap themselves in the trappings of devil worship because it gets the biggest rise out of the Christian majority. In fact, the official Church of Satan, founded by the infamous Anton LaVey, (who are at root a bunch of Ayn Rand objectivist atheists), despises them and basically calls them a bunch of fakes. So their are actually conflicts over who is the real fake Satanist church.

    To add to the whole Charley Foxtrot, there are actual theistic Satanists, who actually believe in and worship Satan. They are notably fewer and far between, from what I can ascertain, at least as far as openly admitted practitioners go.

  8. Truth Junkie

    We are in a battle against good vs. evil, folks. It's finally all coming out. Wake up America! These demons are, and have been after our children! They won't STOP!

  9. William Stonesmith

    Sad to say, what this interview really did is to give free advertisement to satanists. Quite well could foster such activity elsewhere.

  10. freedom forever

    I can’t even imagine what kind of parents could send a kid to a school that offers the club like this!!! I wouldn’t even live in that neighborhood if I knew it was there, let alone send my kids there!

  11. Darla Florence

    What? What happened to God. Good versus evil. A club to teach evil. We as humans don't need to be taught that. We need to fight against that. Remember all wars.

  12. Isaiah 53

    Poor tucker performance

  13. a frickin american

    The Satanic Temple..
    i.e the government?

  14. God’s chosen ppl in 21st century

    I guess God has a sense humor too , may not be appreciated by everyone but his honor does show his sense of humor here and there 😂

  15. Keith Shelley

    There is only one God and unfortunately the Supreme Court has fallen down condemning us to destruction. Expect things in America to get worse!

  16. Angie Jefferys

    Equal access to government funds is what he is proposing. One only needs a good excuse to get their hands on taxpayers money.

  17. Theresa Stockham

    WHY? How about you put a Christian class at the same time.

  18. cynthia bora

    This minion is like the flesh and blood embodiment of something that we all suspected was permeating right below the surface! Those of us that went on the journey down into and out of the labrinth "the great test" at the jubelee of the rightious king! yes, we can feel the Rise of the dark one as he corrupts, deceives, deludes and manipulates the masses ! …. Ironically, Lucien knows exactly what i'm refering too! ..just look folks satan has a government sanctioned afterscool corriculum now for your kids!

  19. Robert Bogle

    In a pinch…Tucker can wipe with his wig.

  20. This guy started by saying it was not a religious club then alluded that it was. He said they dont "proselytize." Of course they do. Not right to allow this.

  21. April Perham

    Public should be basic reading writting arithmetic history science social studies and three major language's lessons. No brainwashing and a 10 minute quiet time for those in need of personal choice of religious time.

  22. Paul Roggenbeck

    Jesus said: Let the little ones come unto me…NOT satan. 2 words come to mind…millstone & sea

  23. John Puckett

    Wow what happened to our country

  24. Throw Satan's club to Saudi. They will treat them nicely.

  25. Aragorn II

    Democrats turning the USA into Sodom and Gomorrah

  26. Greg Stinnett

    So people actually want to go to hell.. and they're also advocating for their kids to go to hell…. this entire country has gone to hell !!

  27. Booger's Bargain Barn


  28. TheEarthling78

    Sorry but this dude took Tucker to school! Well done.

  29. H2O Feature

    Tuker really, this is so funny

  30. Velma Nevarez

    “Lucien”,…..like Lucifer the supposed “light bringer”.

  31. August West

    Cucker begged Hunter Biden to write a letter on behalf of Cucker's crummy kid BUCKLEY! 🤣 Cucker and Buckley Carlson, in kahoots with Hunter to get the little snot into Georgetown. The bowtied heir to a frozen food fortune is a real salt of the earth MAGA type. Ain't that right?

  32. freedom forever

    That is something that makes me miss the Middle Ages..

  33. James Sparks

    That poor misguided man, something tells me he's not seeing the whole picture.

  34. Taylor R

    Before you decide the Satanic Temple is evil, educate yourself. Read their website; visit their temple; Google all the good deeds they do. I've been to the temple, they are far nicer people than half the ones in these comments. They also do more good for others than most of you too.

  35. Rob Roberts

    God bless him on his endeavors.

  36. Bobby O

    No religious freedom for Satanists. If you do not believe that your not a conservative your a libertarian which is another word for a joke. Libertarians get out of the movement. You have a party stay over there and stop trying to corrupt ours

  37. Jeff Claterbaugh

    It's Time the People who try to follow the truth and what is American, Stand up and Run People like You Off OUR doorstep and living rooms and the AIR Waves and Call you OUT for your Idiocity and Flat Out Stupid Crap You try to Pass Off as NEWS , TUCKER YOU SUCK AND YOUR UN-AMERICAN . It is TIME WE SAY Enough is Enough , Today a new movement is Born , AMERICANISM for the Masses , REAL Patriots ,REAL MEN AND WOMEN WHO HATE LIES ! AMERICANS 2022 !!!!!

  38. Scouts are Silent Death

    Ummmm, didn't they throw a FIT about Religion in Schools???? Ummmmmm Double Standards much??

  39. When we don’t tell our children the truth from a young age they will later say, “why didn’t you tell me?” “You lied to me” “Its your fault”. Its our responsibility to tell them about Jesus about whats going on in the world and what this world is about and what is to come so they won’t get caught in with what todays society calls evil good and good evil. They are going to be our future police men, politicians, presidents, and leaders etc.

  40. Lilia May Petri

    But they take church out of school. What's this world coming to.

  41. Chuck Montilepre

    I had to laugh when that demon said , I’m not a demon, just look at my sheep’s clothing. 🐑…
    Listen to what the demon says, then look for your self, what the demon does. Every thing that demon said was 10% truth and 90% lies. That is how demons in sheep’s clothing operate.

  42. Lindsey Lester

    also, Hail Satan 🤘🏻

  43. Lhisa Mrklon

    😃 Oh Tucker, Satan is cool with 🙃

  44. Erik Terwilliger

    Clearly, most (including Tucker it seems) don't actually know what the Satanic Church is.

  45. NexUbra

    Tucker's attitude and lack of research is disappointing.

  46. Linda Popma


  47. Gregore, The Trans Fella

    Rock on Lucian! Totally support this and such a good point he's making for the separation of church and state

  48. Gene Brant

    This should not be allowed in America especially in our school system and our young children This is BS totally what happened to the days when church and the schools we're all in the same building worshipping God as well as learning education that is where the big problem is check out the bad and praise the good