Tucker: This is collective punishment


‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host discusses the left’s politicization of healthcare. #FoxNews #Tucker

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Responses (20)

  1. I literally hate biden administration

  2. Why isn't someone suing the government over this? People are dying because of this Biden policy !

  3. I believe (almost certain) that was Harrison Smith from InfoWars in the video at the Texas medical facility…credit should be given (no matter who it is). Come on Tucker.

  4. What exactly is your accusation? That Biden is distributing the vaccine to whites only? For someone that doesn't seem to believe in the vaccine that is quite a stretch… Do people actually believe your loosely woven fabrications?

  5. Nothing worse in our nation than white self loathing Democrats.

  6. Tucker; you lie. Illegal Haitian immigrants are being deported daily. Find me a Haitian that will vote for a Clinton Democrat. You can't and you are lying.

  7. You know. If say elves made up most of the population… You'd want the part of the population that has the best chance of spreading it to be less likely to that….

    And its 24million whites in poverty and 9.5 million of my race. Someone should report on all those things.

    And dude most of america isn't even related to slave owners. 18 million in the confederacy and only 370,000 and others uncounted were "free" people so black….

    As the civil war wasn't even really about slavery and every nation had slavery at one point as well.

  8. 🏥no.pinchazo ☠🚑

  9. They’re Atheist, no theology involved in spirituality, they’re ideology that is none theology, and practice their ideology religious

  10. This is NOT new, in 2015, I was denied access to medical care for an acute skin infection of my lower legs that spread to soft connective tissue and muscle. It was threatening to become septic, I had no insurance but had a steady income. It was recommended that I apply at the local state and federally funded public health clinics of my county. That turned into the most disappointing and infuriating experience, I was denied access to care, regardless of my obvious and dire condition, all based on my race. I left the clinic utterly frustrated and outraged over such equity-race based quotas and rationing of medical access. I ultimately self-diagnosed and treated myself with grey-market pharma and successfully turned my health around but was determined to expose this racist-equity policy being forced onto my community. I record, audio and video, of ALL contacts in the medical community to put into a database for my future cause of actions. I recommend any citizen to do so, to hell with anyone questioning the practice as 'Illegal"(prove it) the only way we can change this injustice is to record their faces, names and words to their misdeeds and reveal them for what they are and yes, SUE THE BASTARDS…

  11. Trash news and trash reporter

  12. The reason people aren't raising Hell about this is because they don't know. Corporate media ignores it, and even if they didn't ignore it, they would play it down. Let them run the story on the 6 o'clock news a few times and we'd have a civil war.

    Semper Fi!

  13. It's time for white Americans to act collectively. We may dream of a world where a man is judged by the content of his character instead of the color of his skin but we're the only race asleep. Every other minority group acts in it's best interest – often to the detriment of white Americans. Only whites are branded as racists for caring about white people.

  14. If you want to know who is in charge just find out who you are not allowed to criticize.
    God Bless.
    HIS kingdom comes!

  15. America talks a lot about equality but then makes it purposely unequal and to say its because of history so im responsible for the actions of some dead guy 400 years ago im not even american im english and im annoyed by this

  16. This is probably the most racist eugenics move if I ever seen it.

    Let the black people do the medical experiment first…in the guise of "Health care"

  17. In the meantime they are listening to an old white man telling them what to do

  18. Unfortunatley the great reset doesn't include white people.

  19. Two wrongs don't make a right…..I thought this was …..ah forget it.

  20. Libs epically owned once again