U.S. Economy Adds Fewer Jobs Than Expected in April | NBC Nightly News


Economists expected more than a million jobs to be added in April, but the monthly employment report revealed just 266,000 were added.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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U.S. Economy Adds Fewer Jobs Than Expected in April | NBC Nightly News


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Responses (23)

  1. capitalists would rather enslave you than pay a living wage.

  2. If the government would’ve taken care of all essential workers, the story would’ve been different.

  3. I quit my job , let the government pay me. The fishing is great and have plenty of time now.

  4. biden and the democrats want to make more americans dependent on welfare while bringing in masses of unqualified migrants to be exploited for cheap labour, it's a pretty slick plan when you think about it

  5. The US Economy Heading Towards Another Recession !!!

  6. I don't feel bad. I remember what it was like to work for low pay while in college. Now I recently graduated and looking for a real job with great pay, growth, security, and benefits. How about adding more of those?!?

  7. RIP America
    We're all going to be equally poor and desolete now…and you'll dream about what it was like during the Trump years…

  8. Plenty of upward advancement is available for those workers who are steadfast.

  9. After the report came out, this just wasn't true…

  10. Guy complaining at the beginning owns 30 properties, and got his daddy to buy him his first hotel when he graduated college, just like Trump. How about you pay your employees a living wage?

  11. This is great no need to work this is utopia people this is why I vote "DEMONSCRAT" PRES. Biden and PRES. Harris for re-election

    rock and roll DEMONSCRAT! save the planet

  12. Somehow social media liberals are busy with tiktok and defending carrots 🥕

  13. Well food orders are
    at different places a variety. Well Get your
    stuff together and enjoy.

  14. Everything seems to be going well. But the drug are still here.Khole, I wish everyone would leave
    you alone

  15. learnt to manage my money through investments and it really works for me.

  16. A plea to all talking heads, pundits. Quit assuming that the majority of Americans need drawn-out explanations about the “dismal” jobs report. We’re not all morons. Equation: Numerous jobs + beaucoup money thrown at people to keep them home = dismal April job report. Enough said.

  17. What were you expecting from a bonehead president

  18. Jobs aren’t paying enough to keep up with the cost of living. Raise minimum wages.

  19. Joseph Goebbels would be so proud of the NBC and the Democrats…

  20. Give higher salaries and people will work.

  21. "Pay a living wage!!!!"
    A week later……


    Because people who never met a payroll thought it would be a good idea to make a bagel shop pay 15 dollars an hour.

  22. In other words, Trump knows how to create jobs, and Biden is braindead clueless.