UK becomes first country in Europe to pass 150,000 COVID deaths | Omicron Variant | Coronavirus News


The United Kingdom’s official death toll from the COVID-19 pandemic rose above 150,000 on Saturday, following a record wave of cases caused by the Omicron variant.

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Responses (27)

  1. near 8 billions of people to vaccinate….
    multiple billions to have "proper" sets of jab
    crazy insane way out of bound

    pol pot smiling

  2. no worries….

    …. absolutely

  3. Totally no immunity for these masses

  4. Don't you just love this scaremongering news…. All designed to strike fear into the public

  5. I sympathize with all those has lost their family and friends and love ones my prayers is with u all let not ur hearts be troubled my this unstable would we all are suffering lol let's cloke one another in love and comfort each other peace ✌️ be upon the world 🌎

  6. إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعون

    May Allah (swt) shower His mercy and accept all the returning souls as martyrs and give sabr to all the families in this difficult time.

    It is Allah who gives life and He who dictates when it is time for life to end. We belong to Allah and to Him we return

  7. And these blokes advice India…

  8. Allarity Therapeutics' , Stenoparib, demonstrates additional pre-clinical antiviral activity against new variants of Coronavirus. Since stenoparib inhibits a host protein, the antiviral activity of stenoparib should inhibit all variant strains. The current study explored the activity of stenoparib against four SARS-CoV-2 strains including the SARS-CoV-2 67 Germany/BavPat1/2020 wild-type strain, as well as the Alpha, Beta, Gamma

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  10. Also the first country to cross the 150,001 mark

  11. Again this stupidty started suddenly bleeding its a shit.

  12. Premier league full of people inside arena

  13. Prayers tothe departed and deepcondolences tothe bereaved familynembers.

  14. I was forced to work during the pandemic 2020 i had no choice cant get my 80% from the gov rather risk it

  15. Just bear in mind that at the 127,000 "deaths" point, the NOS (National Office of Statistics) could produce less than 9,500 death certificates with death from Covid as opposed to death 'with Covid'. I doubt that figure exceeds 11,500 at the 150,000 point. At no time in our history has dying 'with' anything that a person had tested for within 28 days being counted as an official statistic, and never before has it been necessary to have a post mortem to prove that a person did NOT die of something, and never before has the 2 doctor rule to sign death certificates been relaxed. And by the way, never before have the annual flu deaths failed to be recorded. But hey don't worry, I am sure it is totally above board and nobody should question any of it for a single second. After all, billions in pharmaceutical profits are worth a bit of fact fudging for aren't they?

  16. only because they include everyone who died in car accidents and others who had heart attacks and died off old age etc..most of the 150.000 did not die off covid,,only with it, no matter how you died as long as you test poss for covid,then they put you on the covid figs,one big fear mongering scam,

  17. India got 150000 deaths in only 2 days.

  18. this woman dose not see that Russia is a european country

  19. Deaths in the UK 2018 – 540,000 – 2019 – 540,000 – 2020 360,000 almost one and a half million people have died from other causes and the GOVERNMENT AND MEDIA CONTINUE SCARE MONGERING THE NATION. I rounded the figures of they are available on the government freedom of information on deaths and a break down of causes of death web site.

  20. How many were with covid as to because of covid and of the vxx?

  21. All a been a disgusting scam since day 1…. just go outside and live your life

  22. Matt Hancock worked for the Bank of England as an economist 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🏦

    Our current health secretary Sajid javid was managing Director of a deutsch bank 🏦

  23. À nouveau les images chocs et le mêle discours que l'année dernière et avec les mêmes chiffres faux !!! Ça ne prend plus !!!

  24. We can hug each other to reach another milestone