UK coronavirus deaths top 150,000 | DW News


More than 150,000 people have died in the United Kingdom after catching coronavirus, the British government said on Saturday.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the virus has “taken a terrible toll on our country” and offered his condolences to people who have lost friends and relatives.

The UK is one of the most affected countries in Europe, second only to Russia, which has a reported death toll of almost 315,000.

Globally, the UK is the seventh country to pass this grim milestone, following the United States, Brazil, India, Russia, Mexico and Peru.

The number of daily reported cases in the UK reached a record 200,000 last week. In recent days, this has subsided slightly, with 146,390 cases reported on Saturday.

The UK has introduced new pandemic measures, including compulsory wearing of face masks by students in schools, but did not impose restrictions on social gatherings over the festive period.

Due to the massive increase in positive cases, the country’s Defense Ministry announced on Friday that it would send troops to assist hospital staff.


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Responses (41)

  1. Lou Rum

    It's all lies…numbers have been made up to suit the agenda, hospitals are full of vaccine victims!!

  2. Neil Smith

    It doesn't seem right a member of the public calls all others (unvaxed) as "Selfish" when this is clearly a two sided coin. To only hear of one side is to support it without hearing or acknowledging another. How ever you reached your decision (vaxed or unvaxed) I support you, I may or may not personally agree or disagree. I respect that it's ours to make in peace. People should not be condemned for it. I would hope DW-News would take responsibility for different view points both in and out of professional circles.


    Roll on the scaremongering in order to make the public frightened

  4. People should use the ivermectin. It is cheap

  5. Lazy Warrior

    the chairman of Reuters is an investor in & on the board of Pfizer. Just saying.

  6. Alfred Angelici

    150,000 deaths… over what period of time?! What’s the current “death rate” for people who get infected?
    Just throwing a figure out there is simply fear mongering.

  7. Tasar83

    350 Million a week

  8. Tibor Van De Kamp

    I believe A joint In the morning is a saver for me and all the smokers I know.. we don't get covid… maybe they should test marihuana as medicine….?

  9. It's all a game to them so please help me to understand why so many take these theatricals serious. We've all been had, it's been happening for years and years, yet we continue to keep feeding them.
    They are still laughing at us all, just as they have over the last 2 years, lies, smoke and mirrors, illusions, false inaccurate data, fear, deception and corruption, they never took it seriously, it was only the fear and seriousness of our beliefs in THIER system that have got us to this point. Ask yourself now… If they were never worried about the severity of this "pandemic" why on earth were we?

  10. Vellu Vadi

    This is uk? Ubeieveble offering people doctor certificate hahahahha

  11. Rude and Not Ginger

    150k eh? Does that number include all the other deaths that happened or is that all the deaths that happened.

  12. Real Aiglon

    Three quarters of America’s 800,000 supposed Covid deaths in two years were patients with at least four other co-morbidities. (Source : head of the CDC herself.) Presumably, similar numbers are at play in the UK too. Just think about that for a minute, it’ll give you some counterpoint to the media stirred Covid madness.

  13. It’s not a crisis! Omicron is mild!

  14. Craig Wells

    And they say "Most" people this information comes from Doctors who are full of boo. Liars.

  15. Thanks China

  16. Youtube Lies

    Even the inept cdc doesn’t buy this anymore

  17. Gerhard THANN, MBA

    Citizens protest against the civil servants who are no longer controlled by the citizen as the legitimate ruler and sole sovereign.

  18. Lucas Miler

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    Imagine investing and receiving $9,500 weekly profits.
    Stella investment is the best

  19. Stephen Greenall

    Funny how they’re now saying there is no pressure , and that we are living with it 🤣

  20. Death not from o variant. Misleading the public again

  21. Jimme Shelter

    I am glad Harry and Meghan escaped…..

  22. Curry and a Pint

    UK population nearly 70 million – so nearly 0.2% have died. Hmmmn

  23. 🙏🙏🙏

  24. More anti UK and poor journalism from DW. The reality is that life is going on normally here in the UK. Hospitals are busy but not breaking, daily cases are much much lower than in Europe (368k in France yesterday), cases are falling again quite fast. No threat of mandatory vaccinations or of "pissing off / emmerder" non vaccinated people, we are not protesting every weekend and our economy is open. Look a bit closer to home DW for your sensationalist reporting. The "crisis" appears to be in the EU

  25. 368,000 cases in France yesterday, there is the crisis. UK is outpacing the rest of the Northern Hemisphere and is likely to be out of the pandemic, with covid being endemic in UK according to top scientists.

  26. Skyler Enola

    Deaths top 150k? In 2 years? How many people die every year in UK?

  27. All with co-morbidities… They haven't all died from Covid. they all died with Covid alongside their underlying conditions. STOP LYING you bastards!!

  28. Everyday Trash

    Most western countries people don't take the virus seriously mostly not want vaccine not wear mask…my country Asia already take 3rd dose vaccine always wear mask.

  29. theR word

    These numbers are very misleading and the reporters should be ashamed

  30. It's sad Mr borris

  31. To save people

  32. There needs to be a lockdown

  33. Granny Reynolds


  34. Granny Reynolds

    “ IHU “ , etc …… are !

  35. Gloriatheladyinred

    These deaths aren’t real😳It’s a conspiracy

  36. Ben Anderson

    The headline is a a flat out lie and everybody knows it.

  37. James Fairmind

    Just bear in mind that at the 127,000 "deaths" point, the NOS (National Office of Statistics) could produce less than 9,500 death certificates with death from Covid as opposed to death 'with Covid'. I doubt that figure exceeds 11,500 at the 150,000 point. At no time in our history has dying 'with' anything that a person had tested for within 28 days being counted as an official statistic, and never before has it been necessary to have a post mortem to prove that a person did NOT die of something, and never before has the 2 doctor rule to sign death certificates been relaxed. And by the way, never before have the annual flu deaths failed to be recorded. But hey don't worry, I am sure it is totally above board and nobody should question any of it for a single second. After all, billions in pharmaceutical profits are worth a bit of fact fudging for aren't they?

  38. Rubson Moura

    Why unvaccinated People are transmiting covid19 to vaccinated people ? Doesn't the vaccine work?

  39. Celestial Star

    It's so sad to watch this news. I pray that those infected can recover sooner. Please take care and stay safe everyone

  40. Mats Svensson

    Results indicate that stenoparib possesses strong antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2 and other coronaviruses in vitro. This activity appears to be based on multiple modes of action, where both pre-entry and postentry viral replication processes are impeded. This may provide a therapeutic advantage over many current options that have a narrower target range. Moreover, our results suggest that stenoparib and remdesivir in combination may be especially potent against coronavirus infection.