UK PM Boris Johnson apologises in British parliament for lockdown party | World English News | WION


Under fire for organising and attending parties when the UK was under strict lockdown, PM Boris Johnson apologises in the British parliament.

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Responses (39)

  1. Pure fucking bullshit everytime he opens his gob !!!!!!!!

    The Queen Needs to Know-
    That Powerful Judges are Corrupt and get away with Murder! Don't Destroy Boris
    For 1 mistake. He has been humiliated, and suffered enough. Show compassion. I am crippled with a severe Spinal Injury since 1992. I was Invited to the Queens Garden Party in 2008. Then In 2010 my Wife abandoned me for a QC Judge – He was previously a Barrister for "beaten Wife's" S. O. QC She used him to have me falsely arrested for beating. For a higher Divorce settlement.
    The Police was letting me go uncharged. – The Judge
    Threatened the Police forcing my false arrest.
    The Police said on the Interview tape that: SHE Never had a Mark On Her.!
    I have now found all the Evidence of PURGERY.! On Parlamentry Headed Documents. She worked for the Lord Chief Justice via SENDIST..,!
    She Destroyed me took everything, even my Medical negligence money.
    I had a heart attack then Pneumonia and am being persicuted, to silence me.
    I am vertualy bedridden, abandoned, renting, being Evicted. GIVE ME JUSTICE
    She lied at every Divorse Hearing: Dennied knowing him, because it would Prove Motive.!?
    Anyone wanting the evidence, give me your details.
    From: 23 – PE3 9QY

  3. filthy boris stand down

  4. Look at all these kettles calling the stove black. Imagine being all packed in a room shoulder to shoulder like this and having the audacity to pile on somebody for having a few friends over in the backyard. They're all disgusting people.

  5. Non sense..why apologies… Over free Dom will destroy your Country England.

  6. Add Gavin Newsome to that list…and Pelosi and so many more democrats from this side of the pond. Worthless people!

  7. I knew he and Trump are peas in the same pod ; they are mega narcissistic clowns. But then those who voted for them are the biggest clowns. That is how a country degenerates into oblivion.The people deserve it.

  8. Boris must resign before the eye of billions people for his misconduct and shameful act as a Prime Minister of Great Britain. On other hand, he may lavishly party during any circumstances at the behest of his people but not at the cost of being a Prime Minister. Otherwise, the term norms,quality of leadership and responsibility as a Prime Minister for the country doesn't exist at all rather than making Great Britain as the most shameful country ever. 🙏

  9. And he should’ve got a haircut

  10. Give him a comb first

  11. You bloody liar resign if you got the balls love from Australia

  12. He got CAUGHT. Can you trust him?

  13. Do as I say not as I do. Typically political hypocrisy.

  14. Who would replace him with another Joe Biden .

  15. An apology? You have to stand trial, terrorists like Boris have to be put in trial … because if they don't, then in a few years there will be the next terrorists in the government …!

  16. That is exactly what I like about politicians. (Sarcasm 😉). They are having a party and people who do not want to get vaccine (carers, nurses, doctors, people in health care) are going to be sacked!!!! I was trying to find something similiar in the history of human race. I did not. The closest thing was the prohibition in 1920s. Politicians wanted to get rid of alcoholism. (alcohol = something what people like). Did it help? It di not. It also created lots of big problems – crime went up, theft, drug addicts, violence, the goverment was losing 100s milion $ every year. Did they get rid of alcoholism? They did not. 👇It is still among us 100 years later (I know, it is different illness than covid). Covid will be here in the next 100 years among another 1000 illnesess. The after effect will be the same, huge debt, unemployed people, bankrupt companies, poor care in care homes and hospitals, destroyed families and relationships. I think people in the 22nd century are going to learn the history and nod head. (of course, it depends WHO is going to write the hisotry 😎)

  17. Perpetual liar PM took the country to war in search of weapons of mass destruction. People voted him twice into the office. All are wise now? Breaking the rules has been a habit for those in the office.

  18. Scaremonger Johnson.

  19. If it were not for the people like nehru and gandhi, these jokers would have been thrown out of India atleast 20 years before.

  20. Matt Hancock worked for the Bank of England as an economist, our current Health Secretary "Sajid javids" was Managing Director of a Deusche Bank, Boris Johnson was actually born in the USA and his family work within News, Media and politics… Our NHS is in the process of becoming privatised due to interest from wealthy business owners just like our Royal Mail during the reign of David Cameron, it's time for change or our children will face the consequences from our lack of action.

  21. i hate to say that he is was maintaining social distancing amount them at least…, but PM needs to resign, he is so deceitful that is what is going to happen to all of them those tyrant presidents. Macron is next! Wait…..

  22. Degenerate, hypocrite. Been divorced cannot even run his own family, how can he effectively run the country. Pathetic example of a Conservative.

  23. There can be no saying sorry now just a resignation will do for his continual deceit to the public.

  24. Remember we are all human and not perfect and will make mistakes. Those who never sin should cast the first stone ❗️🤨

  25. get rid of the lot of them. Power back to the people. Small government..and get the fk out of our lives.

  26. when is he going to disappear?


  28. I am behind youBoris….I am an American and would like a job….

  29. Do what I say not what I do………

  30. Ohh my…hate hate hate hate…the playa hatas ball is wild this year.

  31. You vot him to be' you hero 🥳👏👏👏👏👏

  32. You all dont want lock down.because doctors destroy live for all humans

  33. British cave is really nice. In our country man shouts "order in the house" or smth when other do their voice

  34. Yawn…. a well practised apologist … spinning the well worn tale of, "Not me guv"…

  35. He apoligises and tomorrow he'll do it again. Sack him fine and send him to a quarantine camp for life. He knew exactly what he was doing. He's an uncurable sociopathical narcisist just like the rest. The Queen from Alice in wonderland would have said "Off with their heads!"

  36. “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

  37. Hello what's the best way to get started with trade cos I've been making my personal research for a while now…

  38. He was sanitizing his gut.