UK PM Boris Johnson faces calls to quit after lockdown party apology – BBC News


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has apologised for attending a “bring your own booze” party during the first coronavirus lockdown.

He told MPs the event in the Downing Street garden was “technically within the rules” but he should have realised how it would look to the public.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said the PM must now quit over what he called his “ridiculous” lies and excuses.

Mr Johnson is also under pressure from his own MPs over the May 2020 party.

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Responses (47)

  1. Mr Boris Johnson the only reason you became PM is because you lied through your teething and you thought you were clever by forcing Theresa May to quit using BREXIT as to advance your advantage at right time against EU and that wrongly decision of yours is the consequences of your downfall to come.

  2. Yes I observe the BBC corporation are being controlled by the Draco reptilians.

  3. Mr Brand is running an asylum and his admirers are his patients.

  4. Remember mitsotakis !!

  5. I observe the nefarious Draco Reptilians use astrals (spirits) to lower rabble rousers IQ quotient to beneath animals, insects, fish and reptiles.

  6. End of year parties are nothing special or sinister.Starmer needs to say what his program is not come out with such tommy rot.The real truth is that Starmer is a weak leader clutching at straws.

  7. No spiritual awareness at all. No common sense either. Just knee jerk out of control mischief makers who spend they time pretending their brighter than they really are.

  8. If one is dumbed down to just 1% of their potential by astral imposition and a common housefly or spider enjoys 100% reality what are you dumb clowns doing on this channel?

  9. Think now : a worm is essential to all life on Earth without which there would be nothing. It does it's divine duty flawlessly. Most of those on this channel are lower in intelligence than the humble worm. Your existence counts for nothing. You are worthless. Your own worst enemies.

  10. in greece mitsotakis had a party and then a mafia guy , errmm sry a judge i ment declared it political meeting and everyone mooved on … learn from the cradle of democracy a trick or two u brits

  11. I observe the inane emotionally disturbed sad vestiges of humanity on this channel are hell bent on cutting their nose off to spite their face. None of these sadists would have voted for him at his landslide election bar a small number. I also observe many are NOT from the United Kingdom and won't be voting in any elections. The Draco reptilians are behind this evil attempt to overthrow the government. They are sworn to destroy all governments and they find it hard with conservatives in power. The emotion that is being generated is the Draco's evil influences at work. As such ; anti government emoters are just unconscious stooges.

  12. Lier Boris Johnson

  13. why on earth would he think its ok to party when every one else is on lockdown. 🤡

  14. Don’t be Sorry, Be Good, Be Better, Be Right

  15. 'It was a work event.'
    I work for the NHS. I spend my days up to my eyes in shit, piss, blood and vomit. I don't want any thanks. I'm just a worker like shop keepers, bus drivers and brick layers? Unfortunately I'm being sacked by Boris and his henchen because I refuse to have their useless experimental drug injected into my healthy body. And then they have the audacity to tell the public that the NHS is under immense pressure. Well it will be if you sack us all while you're all snorting cocaine and eating crackers.

  16. Boris J. est la parfaite personnification de son pays

  17. Apologies . . . too little, too late.
    Politicians are the worst.

  18. Can’t remember the last time we had a an actual PM with no scandals/issues/idiocies/indecency 😅 seeking self interest only, putting their needs before the public’s needs and proudly calling themselves as representatives of the people of the country. Disgusting.

    How many times have I told patients’ relatives that they will not be allowed to visit their loved ones. How many times have I heard patients’ relatives telling me they had not been able to visit their loved ones at the nursing home or care home while the very people who enforced these rules were having a “BYOB” work event.

    If you had any decency as a human being, instead blurting out empty words of apology on the media, you would have resigned by now, Boris Johnson.

  19. I wld love to know, out of the 100 invites, who did not turn up and why. Were they busy elsewhere, were not arse crawlers wanting promotion or did they not go because they respected the law of the land.

  20. Don't watch this stoned

  21. Epidemiological theory indicates that lockdowns do not reduce the number of cases of infection.
    At most, they just delay the increase at a devastating cost to society.
    The are simply a tool of tyranny.

  22. I cant stand this guy

  23. If they had followed the rules as everyone else in the country did there wld have been no party. U are GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY. Do not apologise, these events shld not have happened at all. Your apologies r insincere just as ur whole life has been. Watch him carrie, I give u 5 yrs and u will be gone too.

  24. 'All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others’😏

  25. Practice what you preach

  26. They should be dragged out of parliament, both parties, what a shower of shit and liars

  27. Get these liars out. We cannot accept such blatant dishonesty from our leaders.

  28. Sack this clown. Terrible government.

  29. More a case of Tumbling Down rather than Levelling Up. There have been 3 naughty boys this week – Boris, Andrew and Djokovic

  30. "it's my party i can lie if i want to" – Boris 2022

  31. The Moroccan government don't even apologize 😜

  32. This story is just a huge distraction. I believe he tried his hardest to disobey whatever small elite group that is trying to force these vaccine mandates across the globe. They gave him a target of the English population to 'boost' by a certain date and when he couldnt convince them out of choice, the evil elite (who control the media) pushed the narrative that he's bad and we need someone new. This new person will be in line with macron, trudeau and Dan Andrews, on forcing years of mandatory vaccination. The new pm will lead us into much much darker times than Boris ever would do. This is all a show, Boris until now has held off being half as strict as most other EU/ western countries, look how we now think someone else would do better for us….

  33. Lets not forget that Boris Johnson was sacked by Michael Howard as his Shadow Minister for Arts other his lying about an affair its amazing how this has been memory holed.

  34. A Canadian judge has temporarily stripped a father of his visitation rights, arguing it is not in the best interest of the child as the parent does not have a Covid-19 vaccination.

    Quebec Superior Court Justice Jean-Sebastien Vaillancourt took note of numerous social media posts critical of the vaccine, saying this cast doubt on whether the father is actually following the health guidelines in place.

    Vaillaincourt wrote in his decision that the lack of visitation is only temporary and in response to rising Covid cases due to the Omicron variant. The 12-year-old child lives with two half siblings who are too young to receive vaccination doses.

    While it would “normally” be in the best interest of the child to see his father, the judge ruled, it is “not in his best interest to have contact with him if he is not vaccinated and is opposed to health measures in the current epidemiological context.”

    The visitation rights have been suspended until February unless the father chooses to get vaccinated. The ruling came in response to the parent filing in mid-December for more visitation during the holiday season. However, the father then faced accusations of being an anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist when it was discovered that he was not inoculated against Covid, with the mother filing concerns with the court.

    While the father has said in court that he has “reservations” about the vaccine, the child has reportedly received two doses of a vaccine, though the judge claimed this does not provide enough protection against the virus. In his ruling, he said the protection is essentially null and void due to Omicron being so highly

  35. Occult & Globalists

    Non-Jabbed Father Stripped of Visiting Rights by Judge
    by RT
    January 14th 2022, 10:05 am
    Quebec judge deems father unfit to be near his own child

  36. Alex Jones breaks down the latest moves of globalists in Washington and exposes their plans to strangle America into submission in one of his most powerful reveals ever.

  37. 😤 BAOBIRTITHSPEOP/Chinese translation is British Empire

  38. Oh dear Keir – judging by the video of your own 'party' ahem 'business meeting with colleagues' during lockdown that is circulating the saying 'those in glass houses' couldn't be more applicable .

  39. Boris the alcoholic. Cheers mate, drinking right now! 😁👍

  40. I worked at care home at this time, our work lunchtime had to be taken at separate tables so how can they have followed rules

  41. My gratitude , Thank you : )

  42. My Best wishes for your work Love and Peace to your family !

  43. The scam is just on and on

  44. My gratitude , Thank you : )

  45. They were at work and they were outside in small groups. I think this was acceptable and within the guidelines.