UK PM Boris Johnson faces furious backlash over lockdown parties | International News Updates


Boris Johnson is currently answering questions over the controversial booze party in the House of Commons. Today’s parliament session comes after the revelation of another secret lockdown party held at the PM’s residence the conservative party members are watching the growing list of secret parties held at the downing street.

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Responses (35)

  1. Now now people, let’s wait for the inquiry only then, we’ll have a clearer understanding of this Party😂😂

  2. Never seen anything this funny. It's like he's been caught cheating on 100 wives.

    I'm going to need a SNL skit of this! 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Ah him one. More bash before he go. But this time all is well come. Party. Like it's. 22 happy hour🇮🇪

  4. Since when do people have to justify what they do as an adult. Who gives a shit if he had some drinks. And banged some beaver. The baby hitlers, all over need to stop the condemnation of everyone

  5. Shots do not stop the spread. And 75% of all deaths had 3 comorbilities. . . Until trump was out of office the news scum and all these types that are crying whining, assholes, instead of understanding the facts, they have turned into baby hitlers!! ,

  6. What else is their to do when your locked down? When your population, doesn’t die from it, why wouldn’t you party and have a good time?? People are becoming, rats, Fascists, and communists. 75% of everyone who has died had at-least 3 Comirbilities, !! 3 so if you you don’t have a comorbidity then party and have a good time. The shots do not stop the spread!! ,

  7. Who cuts Boris' hair? A drunken colleague? ; )))

  8. As Jacob Rees-Mogg said… the people in Grenfell-tower were retards for listening to the authorities and that's why they are dead! The Tories believe those people deserved to die, because they listened to the Tories, so you better stop listening to them!

  9. All the this clown regrets is that he got caught !!!!!!! HE IS NOTHING BUT A LIAR !!!!!

  10. Come on we have more important things to discuss about, why are we wasting time.

  11. The Queen Needs to Know
    That Powerful Judges are Corrupt and get away with Murder! Don't Destroy Boris
    For 1 mistake. He has been humiliated, and suffered enough. Show compassion. I am crippled with a severe Spinal Injury since 1992. I was Invited to the Queens Garden Party in 2008. Then In 2010 my Wife abandoned me for a QC Judge – He was previously a Barrister for "beaten Wife's" S. O. QC She used him to have me falsely arrested for beating. For a higher Divorce settlement.
    The Police was letting me go uncharged. – The Judge
    Threatened the Police forcing my false arrest.
    The Police said on the Interview tape that: SHE Never had a Mark On Her.!
    I have now found all the Evidence of PURGERY.! On Parlamentry Headed Documents. She worked for the Lord Chief Justice via SENDIST..,!
    She Destroyed me took everything, even my Medical negligence money.
    I had a heart attack then Pneumonia and am being persicuted, to silence me.
    I am vertualy bedridden, abandoned, renting, being Evicted. GIVE ME JUSTICE
    She lied at every Divorse Hearing: Dennied knowing him, because it would Prove Motive.!?
    Anyone wanting the evidence, give me your details.
    From: 23 – PE3 9QY

  12. Why are people in back and standing when boris is speaking??

  13. Apaan sih yg dia ngomong?🤣🤣

  14. Do tis to Biden,Boris don’t leave.

  15. One clown to another

  16. when i see starmer i see skeletor

  17. But how did Stamer contract covid twice?What rules did he break please?

  18. What about Carrie's party ???????

  19. Matt Hancock worked for the Bank of England as an economist, our current Health Secretary "Sajid javids" was Managing Director of a Deusche Bank, Boris Johnson was actually born in the USA and his family work within News, Media and politics… Our NHS is in the process of becoming privatised due to interest from wealthy business owners just like our Royal Mail during the reign of David Cameron, it's time for change or our children will face the consequences from our lack of action.

  20. No social distancing for these lawmakers?😆. They sit so close. 🤣

  21. Boris Johnson is potentially the world's most MASSIVE NARCISIST right now. Never have we seen such arrogance. It's a complete disgrace.

  22. Nudist orgies, should always have adequate bathing facilities available to them in 2022…, just saying…



  25. Why do the keep standing up? Is that a health and safety requirement? Or just a way of releasing gas?

  26. What mess of a system,,,,,,this are the people running your country

  27. With a name like stoma bet he does not clean himself after using public toilets

  28. Just keep washing cleaning and wear a mask out side shopping. Why are people so dirty you have soap and water now start washing and stop spreading.

  29. Where is social distancing there

  30. His nose 👃 should be 100m long……shame on you and to your garbage excuses……

  31. If humans stopped breathing we would not have this problem.

  32. Check people in that room who boooming loudest. I bet all of them respect the rules only in front of camera. Sick

  33. Must be frustrating for those who accepted orders from servants.

  34. And I thought the US Congress was a shit show