UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson apologies for attending lockdown party – BBC News


Boris Johnson has apologised to the House of Commons following revelations of a No 10 party in May 2020.

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Responses (42)

  1. I'm boris, sorry people, welcome to my party, liars.

  2. "Boris Johnson's having a party, bring the vodka and the Charlie"

  3. We dont accept your apology!

  4. The lies and the hypocrisy are so much expected from all of them that when it actually happens we don't even react. However if this was one of us common people, we would have felt the wrath of justice to the core of our bones… But the worst of all is not this. The worst of all is that no matter what, there will still be people that are so stupid they will support their favorite clown believing that only everyone else around them is corrupted but them.

  5. The Fact that he sets the Rules, doesn't make him Infallible. All of those who are Trying to Contain Covid are Scrutinized, while the Far Right is Parting Everyday

  6. Boris You are The Best for The Italians. Well Done. 😊😊😊😊👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  7. So what do we call him now, Prime Minister or Party Meister, I know which he and his DJ venue planner Carrie would prefer.

  8. An outrage to our country

  9. A slip up but apology accepted. They were at work they were outside they were in small groups.

  10. I want to drink alcohol on my working break , Boris change the law

  11. Tory party party party.

  12. Boris must go and go now, not wait for the sham of an inquiry. Nothing Boris says or does will be respected. He is finished. The British people have had quite enough of this shady, dodgy, duplicitous, disgraceful excuse for a human leading our great Nation.

  13. Give us back the dislike ratio, YouTube, you scumbags!


  15. The thing is he says he knows what everyone else felt during the lockdown period, he doesn’t. He didn’t lose any family members. He didn’t have to mourn anyone. He lives a life of luxury and doesn’t understand at all what the working and middle class go through so it’s laughable he even tried to say that. He gets more and more pathetic every day.

  16. A genuine apology doesn't need written notes. Ever.

  17. How can such a vile, cunning, manipulative and dishonest man be allowed to rule the UK? He needs to go. End of !!!!!

  18. He's corrupt and there's nothing that we can do about it. He's there for the duration just taking the piss. He doesn't give a crap about me, he doesn't give a crap about you. He doesn't give a crap about the NHS, or the carers, or the thousands of people who have died. There's nothing we can do
    Of course, he can get away with it, because there is nobody who can hold him to account. He will just go on doing what he wants, not caring about anybody else. If this is what democracy is, I don't want it

  19. Did they take the empty punch bowl n use it to cut his hair at this party. Never get so hammered u fall asleep at parties boris

  20. PM Boris Johnson’s resignation is Great Britain People’s decision. 🙏

  21. PM Boris Johnson’s resignation is Great Britain People’s decision. 🙏

  22. What is this mumbo jumbo spouting from his lips. Why don’t he piss off back to peppa pig world or wherever it is he spawned from.

  23. no fine different rule for us n them

  24. oh soo not jail sentence

  25. Thin o.p.c. mortar skim "render" is only for o.p.c. concrete breeze blocks (the mottled variety ones ONLY) to a maximum of 2mm to 3mm only (no more) ; any thicker and it would be DETRIMENTAL. 
    Breeze blocks are perfectly o.k. left bare.
    Breeze blocks must NOT be painted
    Ask the true CITY & GUILDS N.V.Q. BRICKWORK for advice

  26. 이 내용과는 관련이 없지만 한번쯤 읽고 참고해 보면 어떨까 합니다.
    썩는 비닐이 있다고 하던데 썪는 비닐성분을 압축하여 썪는 플라스틱을 만들어 사용해보면 어떨까요?
    플라스틱 문제로 인해 발생하는 인류와 바다생물 질병 문제와 플라스틱을 처리하는데 드는 비용을 생각한다면 썪는 플라스틱을 만들어 보면 어떨까 합니다.

  27. The highest legal authority on earth, The United States of America Supreme Court, strikes down vaccine mandates as unconstitutional and unlawful for the Federal Government to impose. America and her citizens are protected by the Bill of Rights, The U.S. Constitution and right to bare arms.

  28. Well they are called the Conservative PARTY or the Labour PARTY or the Lib Dems PARTY so what do you expect.!!😀

  29. I never trust single person in this world never mind a leader mind games are to much what ever you believe in act towards it

  30. It was NOT a work event. Dont take us for such fools, you lying scum.
    There also seems to be a drinking culture within the govt and civil service. Drinking at work, aside from these fake work events which are CLEARLY parties, needs to also be stamped out. It is a sackable offence and rightly so in 99% of UK businesses these days. This is not the 1980s with red braces and loadsamoney city types falling into wine bars every lunch time anymore

  31. The question that everyone should be asking and then making judgement is would there have been an apology, if he wasn't exposed? Of course not. They only apologise once caught. All of them are dirty.

  32. 100% insincere, not an apology that was an excuse and a lie..

  33. I’m sorry you all thought I was a party.

    What a joke.


  34. Dear Alexander Boris de Pfeffel, son of communists and posing as Conservative; you care so little for our country.
    You were within a metre of the speaker and others at the commons breaking social distancing rules when you caught and spread Covid. You were at the birth of your child 5 days after a Covid positive test.
    You attended large gatherings.
    I spent 2 years largely alone.
    I was pregnant and gave birth largely alone.
    I attended the Efuneral of a family friend since childhood….
    Off you F.

  35. when you rely on honesty and integrity in the Conservative party you really are on tricky ground Johnsons personal values are those of Conservative party and Conservative voters. The majority of the public will not have a problem with Johnson and even if does break the law the police will refuse to investigate. When criminals are above the law and run government nothing changes until the public become interested in politics

  36. Such hypocrite, he isn't feeling a bit sorry

  37. No need to apologize. Just get handcuffed and kicked into the jail.


  39. They don't want him to resign because what he's done, his party want him to resign because it's the only right thing to save the conservative party in the next election.

  40. Just idea why doesn't the citizens run country every time someone wants something everyone has a vote that way its fair know one can blame just one person