UK says lawyer is Chinese secret agent seeking to influence British politics – BBC News


The UK Security Service Mi5 has issued a rare warning, accusing a lawyer, Christine Lee, of working as an agent for the Chinese state and trying to influence British politicians.

The Security Service said that Christine Lee was engaged in political interference on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party.

She had made substantial donations including to the office of the Labour MP and former Trade Minister Barry Gardiner.

The UK Home Secretary Priti Patel said that it was “deeply concerning” but said the government had measures in place to identify such activities.

Reeta Chakrabarti presents BBC News at Ten reporting by security correspondent Gordon Corera.

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Responses (20)

  1. Any evidence ? Or just acussation policitically motivated?

  2. That In fact, to crack down on Xi Jinping's dictatorship, we must start from the people around him. The corruption, human rights violations and illegitimate gains of all his family members and overseas family members should be made public and sent back to China for the people to judge. Expose his illegitimate children. The same goes for Putin.

  3. Smoke screen for BoJo's scandal.

  4. How did the once all-powerful British Empire diminish so much to become an American slave?

  5. Just because the west is jealous and envious of the rise of China doesn't mean they should take it against peaceful and innocent citizens. We saw what happened in Iraq.

  6. if this bite size bit of info. is public, this likely deeper.

  7. I'm glade, if I never take anything from you, ( I keeping refuse )I wish I could absorb or receive a precious present from a person whose just " I just want to give " … a precious gift from a precious person.

  8. 2:21, stop messing around?! 😆

  9. 0:09, ya'know who I really like? Christine Lee.

  10. When you as a politician accept a bribe from anybody, how can you not first ask who they are working for and what they want in return?

  11. who needs these politicians to bribe? what they can decide? how they can make anything? what they can provide? MI5 wants to show that they worth their money. This I understand. but question remains: Are they? And, Ian, do you think that this government and parliament are what England deserved? they are really present danger to Britain, not China.

  12. We need to stop politicians receiving donations from the private sector elite capture has to be stomped out

  13. china is going to take over they are clearly playing their cards right unlike the west.

  14. China is infiltrating the entire world. China is the biggest threat to our world since the fall of the USSR. Countries need to realize this. China is not the same as it was prior to 2008. It has no care for international rules and laws. No country should deal with a nation that conducts genocide.

  15. Misinformation a powerful Enemy during this Pandemic. We're at War! what's the Aftermath of a War? Casualties, Inflation, Food Chain, Economy… The President is being set up

  16. GOP Accuses the Media of being Soft on Biden. Really? They're going to Cost him mid term Election, and probably Reelection. The Media hasn't related the Afflictions of the Country to the War we're Facing. Covid, an undefeated Enemy ( Misinformation)

  17. We Have Totalitarianism Controlling the Republican Party, and Terror in America

  18. Communist scum.

  19. Can priti Patel please do her job properly by revoking any rights of such a person to live in this country as she is threatening others

  20. Does not sound like she was that secret. We just seem to have a very lapse naive outlook to foreign policy these days. Leaving us no doubt James Bond is a work of fiction…