Ultimate Guide to TradingView | Technical Analysis Masterclass


In this video, Ultimate Guide to TradingView we try to cover the Basics to Advanced usage of tradingview. This is not a sponsored video, I personally love using TradingView and I think the charting tools are best in the markets. Let me know if you would like to learn more in the series of Technical Analysis MasterClass


What is covered?
00:00 – Start
01:19 – Introduction
01:47 – Disclaimer
02:02 – How to open an account on in.tradingview
02:58 – Home Screen of in.tradingview
05:34 – How to: track Global Indices using in.tradingview
06:04 – How to: track Currencies using in.tradingview
07:08 – How to: track Cryptocurrency using in.tradingview
08:51 – Ticker in in.tradingview
12:34 – Top Panel
13.22 – How to: change Scrip Name in.tradingview
13:54 – How to: change Time Frame in.tradingview
14:39 – How to: change Chart Type in.tradingview
14:58 – How to: Compare two Scrips in in.tradingview
15:41 – How to: Add Indicators and Strategies in.tradingview
16:29 – How to: check Financial metrics of the company on in.tradingview
16:40 – How to: create and set your Chart template in in.tradingview
17:51 – How to: create and set Alerts in in.tradingview
19:09 – How to: Back Test strategies using Bar Reply in in.tradingview
20:19 – How to: change Layout in in.tradingview
21:42 – Right Panel
22:48 – Shortcut to create Alerts in in.tradingview
25.56 – How to: check the Market Depth in in.tradingview
26:27 – in.tradingview – Paid version vs Free version
32:08 – How to: Import Nifty stocks in Watchlist in in.tradingview
33:46 – Left Panel
34:09 – How to: draw a Trend line and Horizontal line in in.tradingview
36:13 – How to: draw Fibonacci Retracement in in.tradingview
38:58 – How to: draw Head & Shoulders pattern in in.tradingview
39:57 – How to: see the Risk/Reward Ratio in in.tradingview
43:00 – How to: measure time and price movement in in.tradingview
43:57 – How to: use Magnets in in.tradingview
45:43 – Bottom Panel
45:55 – How to: use Stock Screener on in.tradingview
48:00 – Chart Panel
49:43 – How to: change the Time Zone in in.tradingview
50:33 – Conclusion

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