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What are Non-fungible Tokens(NFTs)? It’s a way through which the rich are getting even more RICHER!

How? I have explained the whole concept in detail in this video so do remember to watch it till the end 🙂

0:00 Introduction
450 Blockchain
7:28 NFT
12:26 What about us
16:11- Final verdict

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Responses (35)

  1. ►Get 50% kickback on your trading fees while trading in Cryptos, check out Vauld:


    Code: Akshat50

  2. Sirji, great info..
    u t saying u r "normal person" then I m way below normal person…

  3. I thought blockchains were decentralized?

  4. it's. important. Sir 💐🇮🇳🏆😘💐super👌👍

  5. Thanks for such a great info Sir. It's really super helpful for beginners like me. Could you please suggest a platform to go for NFT trading?

  6. Can we get your nft ?? 😜

  7. When you say central ledger you mean distributed ledger?

  8. I like how you present stuff that you really don't get while you try to appear smart

  9. Hi Akshat, for example, if I sell art of mine through NFT, the first time when I sell I can charge only a small amount. But later that NFT got a lot o value and how can I make money out of it as me being the original owner?

  10. This 16 mins video could have been explained in just 5 mins.

  11. Video starts at 04:00.


  13. 4:27 YES I can make same art. the seller is bound not to make same or sale it again, but what if a 3rd person make the exact copy of that art and sale it. Its not similar to COPY RIGHTS. Who is there to prevent people making duplicates like chinese do.

  14. What do you think about this video? I tried to explain the NFT with humor.

  15. The most confusing video I saw about nft on YouTube. Waste

  16. Are NFTs in digital formats and not physical?

  17. Awesome explanation👌

  18. @Akshat, Nfts as of now are only buyable through cryptocurrency like Ethereum. My concern is since blockchain requires a massive amount of energy to sustain itself and the world by the day is getting more and more conscious about the environmental problems. Is cryptocurrency or nfts practical in a long run to invest on??

  19. NFT is a big deal

  20. where can i buy/trade these NFTs…?

  21. How to find NFTS. .. Where to buy the ownership ? Is there just one platform or more . … Which is the safer option ? Thanks 👍🌸🦋

  22. Hii akshat
    Your video is very helpful in understanding the NFT concept. Can you tell few nft tokens available in crypto space.

  23. What are auction houses..are they private entities? Can anyone make one to earn commissions out of it?

  24. I have an ape nft anyone interested?
    Dm me for lowest prices

  25. Do some kid insertd gifs to your videos

  26. Where exactly can I buy/sell these NFTs from India?? Also can I make my own NFT? How do I put it out in the market?

  27. But yes I have to nr rationsal in what o do n a docotor who is like x men with no tym but still follloewssuccess with t
    T.you has to be proven . I think it will be of help to everyone

  28. My wife is an active followers of urs ,

  29. There is way too much that has happened in the world post pandemic. There is so much to consume in every field that it is unreal. I read a news lately where someone sold his Pokemon cards collection for some insane amount. I am not sure if it is good or bad. It is becoming way too easy for people to become rich and famous and if you are someone who is diligent and focused on his work and choose to not delve into these things then the world might call you a fool. In today's world you need to be a smart worker and someone who is the jack of all trades ; there is no need to be a master to mint money. It is challenging to keep yourself updated on every new thing that is popping up and honestly, I find the whole process quite intimidating. But there isn't much of a choice as change is the only constant, however it is happening quite rapidly.

  30. Is property can also come under nft.

  31. I still am not able to comprehend… What is actually being sold.. "Is it the words i.e. I (idendity x) seeling this to You (identity y) on block chain ?".
    what will stop me from creating 10 copies of a image and then sell it as10 NFTs.. , how is this validated? heck.. what if NFTs are available on different block-chains?

  32. You rightly pointed out that whichever diamond, however exquisite can never replace the identity of Kohinoor diamond. Same is the case for the original image file that Beeple exported out of the art tool (or the arsenal of tools) of their choice. But the moment the exported image is uploaded to their NFT collection, it then and there becomes a digital copy of the bits and bytes that once lived on the Beeple machine. How is someone who can view the art on the NFT marketplace taking a screenshot of the art any different from the art being uploaded as bits and bytes copies from the Beeple machine to the blockchain network?

    Is it just all about bragging rights and the collector mindset that "this trusted blockchain approves it is mine", or is there something more than that which I'm overlooking, which actually makes collector's NFT more like the Kohinoor diamond scenario and less like "buy and name your own stars" scenario?

  33. How to buy NFTS in india , kindly post the video regarding how to buy and sell and which application is good to buy that NFTS kindly create the video regarding this

  34. Could you please make a video on how we can SELL NFT's from India?