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Boris Johnson continues to remain in all kinds of problems. This time around it’s a leaked email that has again brought back negative press for the British prime minister.

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Responses (48)

  1. Great reporting !! Watching in New Zealand 🇳🇿💯

  2. A liar is not worthy to be a prime minister.

  3. Prince Philip Is My blood Grand Father I've got PROOF

  4. Bhai log daru tumm leke aana me chakhna leke aayuga.

  5. Salam- mualykum ★

  6. What about the cocaine? IJS it's just booze… I wanna hear about all the dope… 😜

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    Stella investment is the best

  8. Yeah, they were isolating together with Boris Scumson because they all had both the "Boozicron & Snackicron" Virus

  9. This is illogical if it is outside why people complain.

  10. Incompetence knows no bounds.

  11. So? We’ve all thrown a party at some time..

  12. It’s becoming clear that the Anglo Saxon peasants need a tyrannical monarchy to rule them because a self governing democracy is far too complex

  13. Rules for thee, and not for me.

  14. Question …how much time does BJ require for his Hairstyles

  15. Everyone who attended any No. 10 party during lockdown should be fired, arrested, fined, and locked up in jail.

  16. Rishi Sunak will be the PM sooner than BoJo can call another Booze party 😂

  17. The Prime Minister has their power at the decision of whichever party has a majority in Parliament and that's it. Why hasn't anybody asked MPs in interviews what they think about changing the law to allow recall elections?

  18. The elite have the cure…..Colloidal Silver……..

  19. Borris the clown like his slave Modi.

  20. We already know the rules are different from the haves and the Have nots. 🙃 But every dog has its day. 🙂 JuJu

  21. boris looks like the type of guy to do that

  22. The Clown needs to go.

  23. yes were is the prime minister , is this party a distraction , please ask the prime minister why covid possitive + patients were released by the NHS to Covid free Care Homes . Is this Genocide or just a party game ?

  24. Unlike bleach that effectively destroys viruses on surfaces, but may not be consumed internally, unlike ivermectin that is only designated for agricultural use in horses, alcohol may be imbibed by humans, kills germs and viruses and should be guzzled in quantity in order to destroy all of the pathogens that invade the body. Does not the nurse swab your arm with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol before inserting the needle to give you your COVID vaccine shot?

  25. Do as I say, not what I do🤔😝

  26. Oh boy….. Oh.. Oh Borris…..

  27. "… the Pen of the Centre of the covenant[Abdu’l-Bahá(The servant of the glory of God)]has repeatedly prophesied the intolerable calamities which must beset, this wayward humanity ere it heeds the life-giving Teachings of Bahá'u'lláh(The promised one of all ages)."
    "Chaos and confusion are daily increasing in the world. They will attain such intensity as to render the frame of mankind unable to bear them. Then will men be awakened and become aware that religion (The Bahá’í’ Faith) is impregnable stronghold and the manifest light of the world, and its laws, exhortations and teachings the source of life on earth."
    (Shoghi Effendi-Compilations, Lights of Guidance, p. 126)

    BAHA’U’LLAH(The promised one of all ages) is the divine physician who diagnoses the world’s malady; for the whole planet is ill and needs the power of a great specialist. Writing to the sovereigns of the world,
    He summoned that the hour for unity had struck—unity between countries, unity between religions. In this period of its evolution, the world of humanity is in danger. Every war is against the good pleasure of the Lord of mankind, for man is the edifice of God and war destroys the divine edifice. If an active, actual peace is brought about, the human world will attain to the utmost serenity and composure; wolves will be transformed into lambs, devils into angels, and terrors into divine splendours in less than the twinkling of an eye. BAHA’U’LLAH’S teachings are the health of the world. They represent the spirit of this age, the light of this age, the well-being of this age, the soul of this cycle. The world will be at rest when they are put into practice, for they are reality. [Abdu'l-Baha (The servant of God)), Divine Philosophy, p. 84]

  28. In India even a small politician walks with stinky smelly ugly fat Bald dirty loin cloth kutra wrapped 100 people all the time …yeh log Corona failaate hai aur educated but gareeb janta ki aisi taisi Karte hai

  29. Bojo the clown 🤡

  30. Serves him right. He's violating rules while implementing a national lockdown in the UK. This leaked email serves him right and this kind of pressure he's facing right now is also what he deserves. Such a disgraceful shame. They should have probably kept Theresa May for longer time because I think she knows better than Boris Johnson. He should be in Jail for this.


  32. Kick him from his job see how he likes it take away people job and come April him a do it again him a cover up the more jab the more money for the pharmaceutical nothing to do with health this man and his clones who drive the fear bus time and time prove more he learn nothing from pass mistakes.. Kick him out

  33. Boris proving he's a hypocrit

  34. Next time they discuss about lndia
    In their upper or lower house
    With colonial hangovers ,
    They should be reminded about this
    Bring your own Tom , Dick and Harry Party

  35. Absolute power corrupts absolutely

  36. From BYOD to BYOB … Good progress

  37. The entire government is a disgrace

  38. So they're not worrying about covid then. Sounds like they know something that is contrary to what we're being told.

  39. With great power comes great responsibility.- Uncle Ben.✌️😊✌️🇬🇧

  40. He has the gall to tell the British people to lockdown, get a jab and "do their part" while he breaks his own rules again and again. Boris and other politicians think you are all stupid and are laughing behind closed doors. Stop licking their boots.

  41. Tories breaking rules = outrage over double standards = people more non compliant to safety measures = chaos!

  42. gues what if they do that do u really got the vax??? or vitamin B lol it's all over the world they r all the same