URGENT NFT's TO GET BEFORE SEPTEMBER | I Bought Space Punks and Chibi Dinos Today


My moves today and what I am seeing in the market today

Just a quick update on what moves i am making and showing you my buying process. I decided to buy some space punks from spacepunksclub and two chibi dinos. I plan on exiting one of each after a 4x and holding the second for the long term.

Purchase Space Punks Club Here:
Purchas a Chibi Dino Here:

Check your rarity:

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Responses (27)

  1. Should make another one aobut Chibi Dinos! 4 Months after, we are close to token realse with apeswap and the 3 games are coming very soon!

  2. Getting a message from your IG…not sure if it's really you. What's your IG?

  3. I am so new to all this. Looking forward to watching all your videos.

  4. How is the real potential of Bigtime, Brett and friends?

  5. what does it mean if the price is going down and now floor is 0,03 is it done or should i buy more of it ?

  6. those 2 projects are down bad atm…

  7. Interested in mushrooms project

  8. How can we get access to your dischrod?

  9. those projects are bad after few months… you are losing authenticity

  10. People still dumping their Magic Mushroom Clubhouse for a lot less than they paid for Brett. When will the price start a 100x move as you said in your per mint video? Also, what happened to Divine Anarchy? Word is they were hacked in their discord? Not great bud. Hopefully you will do another update on your Magic Mushroom Clubhouse project soon and can tell everyone how they can get that 100x….

  11. Bought into the Magic Mushrooms… thanks for the advice. Can you please review the GrillzGang and Primate Social Society? They look cool but would love your advice!

  12. Chibi Dinos is a perfect project for the initial NFT world where both real-life perks are included in the project unlike any other project out there. do your research and you'll find out how good this one is.

  13. I currently own 2 of each collection prior to this video. Good insights bro! You sir are a smart man with your money in the right places. Keep up the good work!

  14. Liked the video for CHIIIIIBIIIIIIIIS 😍

  15. one of the most legit projects

  16. I came for the cool looking dinos and stayed for the community

  17. Yeah we are!!! LFG Chibis are for real

  18. Yes sir!!! Chibi Dinos to the moooooon!!

  19. These dinos are actually about to explode

  20. Chibi Dinos lets gooooo

  21. Chibi DInos are so undervalued right now, easy to grab those priced at floor.

  22. Lets go baby chibis 🔥🔥 come join the family guys 6 nba players as captains right now 💯

  23. Chibi Dinos to the moon! Good choice

  24. I can see NFTs being big. Humans love ownership and it gives people a way to flex online and make money reselling. I just don't really care for the projects much.

  25. video on cardano NFTs?